Good evening, I hope you’ve all had another great weekend! Right so what's happening in tonight’s post, well as you can see this post features one of my all time favourites, a black leather biker. However, this particular jacket has a lot more about it than its obvious uber cool first impression.

It’s a vintage biker from America which I was gifted by Lost Highway who you can find on Instagram. Lost Highway is an  online vintage boutique which has big plans for the future! It really is one to keep an eye on, check it out for hand picked, quality vintage goods. They even specialise in leather jackets for girls and guys.

The creator behind the business is Brandy Worthington. Brandy is one cool character, who has thrifting in her blood. She finds inspiration from past rockstars like Jim Morrison to film stars like Marlon Brando, and every cool individual in-between. Brandy grew up with ‘thrifting’  as they say in America, vintage to all us Brits. She says she has always had a passion to thrift, finding those stand out pieces ever since she was young, as she used to thrift with her grandparents, remembering how much easier it was back then as 60’s & 70’s items were plentiful, before the likes of eBay came along.

Go across and check her out on Instagram, you’ll be able to see the style and look of her brand, is reflected in her own personal style too. All the items she curates and picks out to sell on her online shop, have the same rock and roll vibe. Brandy is inspired by the film The Wild One starring Marlon Brando, he wears a Schott leather biker, which is synonymous with that rebel look and is the ultimate cool. In her own words 'when you wear a leather jacket you stand out, you fork away from the norm'. When you decide to wear a biker leather yourself, you are transported to a bygone era along with paying respect to those who have gone before, the trailblazers that made the biker jacket look and feel cool. Which I totally agree with, what an outlook to have!

This jacket is from the 80’s, with its cropped shape and classic zips and belt, make it stand out from the rest, I mean you’ll know by now my leather jacket collection is extensive, especially when it comes to biker jackets, however this is one of my favourites. It’s a quality, thick American made leather jacket. I have added a few selected pins which I've always wanted to attach on to a lapel of a leather, I think this adds personality to the jacket as well as making it even cooler, if that's even possible!

Look out for her brand new website which is launching this year, you'll see the vintage American influence which she loves so much. They’ll be a range of custom designed t-shirts, but most importantly a hand designed collection of leather bikers, made from a very soft leather, ideal for daily wear. For guys and girls. You might even be lucky enough to spot the odd individually painted or badged accessorised jacket available in the future too!

This is a brand, run by one, made by one and created by one. This is a small business we should all get behind in supporting, as it takes a lot of time and effort not to mention courage to go out there and forge your own path. I’ll make sure to tell you all when the new website goes live, but for now you can go and follow Brandy on Instagram @shoplosthighway or check out her Etsy page which has a select few jackets for sale by clicking here.


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