The basic white T-shirt is a key staple of everyone's wardrobe, but does your basic white T compliment you the way it should? There's such a huge variety out there, when it comes to a basic t-shirt. Alternations in neck line, material, length- the possibilities go on and on. I searched the high street, but after a while looking around in various places, comparing t-shirts, I bought all three at H&M. They certainly have their basics down! I bought a classic crew neck, a V neck, and my personal favourite style, a raw neck T-shirt. In my opinion, getting the white T-shirt look right is crucial, here are the rules to follow to achieve that.

The basic white T-shirt is usually the cheapest garment you can buy, this is because its so easy to manufacture. A basic white T undergoes the least amount of processes from start to finish, as there’s no dying, printing or appliqué involved. 

Finding that staple T is actually harder than it seems. I've bought all three styles to show you how much they can change your appearance, but as I've mentioned my favourite style is the scooped neck T. First you have to find out what neck line is for you. To do this must abide by these simple rules. If you have more of a round face, or a short neck, you may be better going for a T-shirt with a V neckline, as the V shape will elongate your neck and draw the eye down, rather than focusing on your jaw line.

The scoop neck T-shirt. This is the T I always buy. It's my personal favourite, any T with a raw, or scooped neckline is my go-to. If I purchase a t-shirt without a scooped neck, then I'll simply cut it accordingly, that’s how much I like that shape. I just think that style really suits me. This neck line opens up the face area and creates the illusion of a longer neck.

The classic crew neck, this is the most popular T-shirt neckline you’ll find out there. The crew highlights the shoulders and chest, making them appear wider, whilst slimming and narrowing the stomach. Although a downside to the crew, is that you can appear shorter. I’ve never personally liked this T-shirt shape, I just find it boring and repetitive, I don't own a single one in my wardrobe, and as you can see it doesn't suit me.

The length to any T-shirt, no matter what neckline you choose, is also very important! I’d say, what ever T-shirt you buy should NEVER be longer than an inch or so over the waist band of your jeans. The long T-shirt look in my books is a big no go!

Fit is also key, you don't want a T-shirt that looks like it’s been sprayed onto you, or a t-shirt that is too baggy. You want to find a T-shirt that compliments your body shape. An easy rule to follow is, if you're able to grab an inch of material from the torso, and an inch from the shoulder, you've found the perfect fit for you. 100% cotton is always a plus, if the garment is 100% cotton it means it'll be very soft, and comfortable to wear. The material is also light to wear, as well as being breathable. 

White T-shirts can be worn and styled with pretty much anything. Casually with a denim jacket, or if you want to achieve more of a formal look, you can dress it up with a leather or blazer. Easy. Come across to my YouTube channel to hear a more in depth description of finding the perfect white T-shirt, and what my favourite styles are.

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