Everyone at the moment is sporting the shearling jacket look. Almost every brand is now offering their take on the classic shearling jacket. Ranging from the mid price brand Asos, who are providing jackets from £90, to high end brands, such as Burberry, who have jackets starting from an eye watering £1,995. I’d never thought I’d be the guy who would wear one of these jackets, up until when I tried one on last week, in a very unusual place.

I found this jacket hidden away in my loft! It’s been up there for years and I know I’ve walked past it countless times. It’s one of my Dad’s old jackets that he bought near on 40 years ago. He bought the shearing from an army surplus store back when he was my age, which at the time, was one of the originals that had been around since WW2.

As soon as I tried it on, I knew it would become an essential part of my winter wardrobe. It looked so cool and it fit PERFECTLY. These days everyone is recreating the look of an old distressed jacket, but this isn't recreated, this is the real deal. The leather outer shell is all scuffed and naturally worn. The jacket has everything from the classic side adjusters, and a large collar with double buckle throat latch, that you can throw up for added warmth.

Sadly the zip is broken on my jacket, but after all it’s nearly 80 years old! I’ve improvised and found a brown belt strap, which I’ve been tying around, holding the jacket in place. Which does the job and fits in with the aesthetic of the jacket. This jacket has character you couldn’t replicate, it’s a regular fit shearling aviator jacket, which  is perfect for the last cold months of winter. I know everyone is currently thinking about SS17, but last year it was still snowing where I live till mid April! Winter is definitely not over yet! Now is also a great time to get out there and grab yourself a bargain, as retailers will be selling off their more bulky items ready for the summer. I’d definitely recommend buying vintage, nothing beats a jacket that looks like it’s been around for a long time. You need a quality piece that you can rely on and something that you can pull out of your wardrobe year in, year out.

Vintage clothes all tell a story, that no clothes on the high street ever could. It’s a much more personal experience, to search high and low for that perfect vintage piece that you love the second you lay eyes on it. I’ve been online hunting down some of my favourite shearling flying jackets, that have a similar look to the one I found. Check them out below, here are my top five finds.

I wore my new vintage find out for the first time a few weeks ago whilst driving my car, I always struggle finding something to keep me warm and toasty. The sheepskin inner lining is bonded to the outside of the jacket, which keeps me really warm, no matter how cold it is outside. It’s a stylish, unique piece made back in the 40’s, where these iconic jackets originated. This jacket has became my wardrobe staple and I know I’ll be wearing it every winter. It can even see me through to spring this year, with a lighter layer worn underneath.

I’ve filmed another look video wearing my shearling and a short video describing it, which you can now view on my Youtube channel. Alternatively you can check out my Instagram where you can see how I’ve styled it up.


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