Today's post is all about getting to know me & my style, it's a sort of sneak peek into my wardrobe. To get a better taste of what's in my wardrobe, I thought I'd feature these next six items for you. From the oldest garment, to the newest. The best bargain I've ever come across, to the cheapest item in my wardrobe. The item I wear the most (yeah you're right it's my hat) and last but not least, my favourite item of clothing. So lets get into it! 


The oldest item in my wardrobe is the first garment I bought when I started working at All Saints all those years ago! When I was younger, this was the classic piece everyone wanted. I was seventeen when I bought this for myself, and I remember every time I wore it, I felt pretty damn cool. Looking back, it was just a plain jumper. But this item of clothing is where my passion for fashion started. 

This was the Code Merino, a merino wool sweater. You can see how old it is by the logo, it must have changed three times since this early stitched emblem. It's a sentimental piece, I’ll always keep it in my wardrobe, even though it no longer fits and is full of holes. It's more of a memento to remember my first job and to pinpoint when I started to create my own style.


My girlfriend bought me a half sleeve shirt from All Saints for Valentines. I don't normally receive clothes as presents, as I'm -QUOTE- “too hard to buy for” Who’d of thought it ey? But luckily she picked a good 'n' and chose this sweet chalk coloured, half sleeve shirt, with a black square print. I really like this shirt, but surprisingly this is only the second half sleeve shirt I've ever owned. 

I’ve never been that much of a fan of the half sleeve shirt, as I feel this type of sleeve doesn’t really work with my very tall and skinny body shape. I’ve always thought this type of shirt focuses too much attention on your arms, which they do. I unfortunately have very weedy arms, or as I call them- my snowman arms. However this type of shirt is perfect for the warmer weather, so with summer in mind I’ve decided to change things up and rock the half sleeve look, snowman arms and all!


This has to be the best bargain I've EVER came across. I was shopping in the McArthur Glen outlet park, just outside of York city centre in late February last year, when I came across this! I had been shopping for a suit in York for a friends wedding, but sadly hadn't found anything. On the way back we stopped off at the outlet centre, I always drop in to visit The Kooples. However the thought of heading to The Kooples to buy a suit had never even entered my head, I was just going on the off chance to scout out a bargain. Nevertheless I was keeping my eye out for a suit. Even for an outlet shop, I thought a suit would be a little out of my price range at the time. But to my amazement this one was not!

Everything in store was heavily discounted, you could tell it was the last of the LAST from the January sales. Even the outlet store wanted to sell off! I’ve found from experience, that this is pretty much always the last two weeks of February, so my visit was timed to perfection! Even though it was the very end of the sale, there was still a lot of awesome clothes to choose from. The store still had lots of variations of colours and even a large range of sizes, in most items. This is when I spotted the suit.

I'd first seen it in the previous seasons magazine and campaign- I loved it even back then. Remarkably as I walked in, the suit was just hanging there right in front of me, in my size too! I couldn't believe it! This suit had originally been a smudge over £750 yet here it was on the hanger for £170. WOW! 

Precisely, I tried it on straight away, it fit like a dream. I couldn't believe my luck! Getting any suit for less than £250 is good but a Kooples suit, even better!

The suit is a dogtooth print fabric with three buttons and a feature leather collar. It looks so cool on and was perfect for my mates wedding! The attention to detail on the suit is amazing, with leather trimmed pockets and a lining to die for. McArthur Glen is now a must for me when I visit York. I hope to grab myself another massive bargain when I visit again! It wasn't just The Kooples either, many other stores there offer huge discounts and reductions, well worth a visit if you close by!

I’ve linked the website to the outlet shopping centre if you want to find out more. McArthur Glen Shopping Centre


My collection of bandanna’s are the cheapest items in my wardrobe. I have a selection of the colourful and patterned accessories which are all quite cheap. The cheapest two coming in at only 99p. The first being my plain black bandanna, which I wear in bed and the other being this red bandanna featured below.

I always think a bandana tied around the neck adds that little extra personality to an outfit. Always looking cool, as well as being multifunctional. A bandanna around my neck is also a key feature of my wardrobe, adding a pop of colour to an outfit or giving a little more individuality. (Keep an eye out for my bandanna blog coming soon). 


It has to be my hat. As I’ve already mentioned at the start of this blog and in my top five wardrobe picks. I only wear large brimmed hats, either fedora’s or stetsons as I like their fit and style. This one, is my favourite though, Ive owned it for about a year and is made by a company called Drizabone. The Australian brand has been producing mens and women’s apparel since 1898, I feel it's the Australian equivalent to Barbour. 

I originally found this hat on eBay and bought it from a guy who had visited Oz and bought it over there. He’d not even worn the hat, so when it arrived it was brand new and all wrapped up in the box. It cost me £70. I’m currently on the look out for a new hat to join my collection, but I haven't found the perfect one... yet. I've found some super sexy hats on the Brixton website that I'm currently debating buying. Check them out below and tell me what you think. 


Last but not least my favourite item in my wardrobe. I bought this jacket late last year in a sale, after pining for it for weeks! It’s the coolest blazer I own. It’s another item from my favourite brand, The Kooples. It's a jet black, very light weight, tailored suit jacket. What makes this black jacket stand out so much is the leather lapel embossing snake print design. It looks so bloody cool! Every time I wear it, it makes me feel very smart, and more than a little different with it's understated lapel. You really can’t beat a classic black fitted blazer.

You can find a more in depth description of all these items over on my YouTube channel. Or click here to view my video.

Photography: Adam Barnsley Photography.


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