You can’t dress up all the time, so eventually you'll need to get that casual look down. Everyone needs a look you can wear when going to the shops or having a lazy Sunday at the pub with your friends. Even your casual day to day should still be inspired by your style. You have to think carefully about how to dress, and make sure you do it right. In this blog I’m going to explain the five key items you need in your wardrobe to achieve the casual look. If you select the next five items carefully, choosing quality pieces, they could last you forever.

The Denim Jacket.

A quality denim is the first wardrobe essential in my book. I have two that I have relied on for years, both from All Saints, one black denim and the other classic blueThe two jackets I own look sweet every time I wear them, however, if I’m recommending a denim to you I’d say you should look no further than Levi. I don't think you can beat a classic Levi denim. I’ve been saving up badges and pins for years but I can’t seem to bring myself to stitch them on to my All Saints jackets. I feel that if I stitched them onto a jacket I own, in a few years it wouldn't stand the test of time, but a Levi jacket even after years and years would still hold it's cool.

I’d rather wait to purchase that classic Levi which will last a lifetime rather than a few years of cool like the A.S jacket. Thats why you have to go Levi. I would still stick to either the black or the classic blue though. They're timeless jackets you can keep forever. Wearing the jacket in a casual way, in my opinion is achieved by leaving the front unfastened and by unbuttoning the sleeves, maybe rolling one up, for that laid back cool look.

Soft, Stretch Denim Jeans

A comfortable jean is a must for a casual day, a jean you can move in and that has a little stretch to the denim. If I’m not wearing my skinny black jeans I actually really like a light indigo pair. I have a few pairs again from All Saints which I wear every once in a while, they have a worn effect with the odd rip here and there. They have the right amount of stretch in the denim which allows for good movement around the leg. I’d never go for a jean with a regular cut, it’s just not my style, even on a casual day, you need to stick to what you know and feel right in. Thats why I’d go for a tapered fit, these jeans start in a regular shape yet get tighter towards the ankle. So they aren't full on skinny but still have a good fit and shape to them.

A Cosy Sweater.

I don’t own that many sweaters, but the ones I do, I wear a lot. This is one of the casual jumpers in have in my wardrobe. This jumper is bright red and from The Kooples. I’ve owned this jumper a year or so and it's still one of my favourites, just to throw on and head to the pub.

It's a thick chunky jumper with a loose knit pattern, you can sort of see through the jumper, so at times it can be a little nipple heavy -but hey ho. I like this jumper as it is the most colourful thing in my wardrobe, it's a change to my normal dark colours I normally wear, it's more of a state of mind, so when I wear it, it's feels more of a casual statement.

Comfortable Shoes.

I’m not talking about Chelsea boots, I’m not talking Cuban heels, I’m talking Converse. A rubber sole shoe with no heel and no point. Back to basics with a classic design. I'd never owned a pair of Converse in my life up in till last week. I know, how did I get by! Saying that I’ve never watched an episode of Friends, people find that more shocking!

I rectified the situation by buying some classic black & white high-tops. You can't go wrong with an original lace up shoe. Converse are just cool, they've been around since 1908 and have never stopped gaining popularity ever since. I've worn them here with some jet black skinny jeans, rolled up at the bottom to give the shoe a little more impact.

Quality T-Shirt.

Everyone has their favourite t-shirt, the one you think is super cool, the one you like the image on the front. I own more t-shirts than any other garment in my wardrobe. So I always have one to match my outfit no matter what it is. All my tee's are pretty much the same colour as they have to match with my wardrobe, mainly white, grey and black. That's the colour palette I stick too, as by now you've figured out. It's so much easier putting outfits together if you have the same colour palette throughout your wardrobe. Tip!

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a massive fan of a nice white T-shirt. (See my blog on finding the perfect white T-shirt below). A tee with a cool print on or even just a simple stripe is perfect for a casual occasion. One of my most comfortable t-shirts is this three quarter sleeve blue and white stripe tee, it’s my trusty hangover friend. I’ve had it for years it’s got a few rips in which I've stitched up, but I just can’t throw away. It's an old favourite!


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