This week I’ll be talking about my favourite items in my wardrobe. This post is dedicated to the clothes that I couldn't live without, the clothes that I think sum me up perfectly. I’ve chosen five garments from my wardrobe that I just love to wear. I’ll be telling you where I found these items, and why I think they suit my style and personality. I’ll kick things off with my essential black skinny jeans.

Black skinny jeans: All Saints

I wear black skinny jeans pretty much everyday as they are super versatile and go with everything in my wardrobe. I own a huge variety of shades; from rinsed out black, to jet black, and every shade in between. You'd be surprised how many there actually are! I do own a few lighter denim jeans too, but I always seem to wear the darker colours to play on that rock and roll vibe. I buy my jeans from either All Saints or Topman, each offering their own twist on the classic black jean. I find the denim in All Saints to be the more comfortable, as their jeans have elastane sewn through the weave, giving the jean some flexibility. Topman jeans tend to be a little cheaper to the touch, the denim is harder, but on the positive side the dye is much darker, you get a solid black rather than a rinsed effect. That’s why I like them, Topman jeans are considerably cheaper, being half the price of A.S. It’s surprising that even a staple pair of black jeans can differ so much, from store to store.

You all know by now how much of a massive hat addict I am, so not surprisingly, a hat is going to feature in my top five! I own alot of hats, each with a signature flourish, some with feathers, others with leather straps and ties, or even horse hair. But all a similar shape & style, in keeping with the dark colours of my wardrobe. All my hats are the same style, that style being large brimmed fedoras. I love a large brimmed hat like a fedora or even a stetson. Saying that, a good one is pretty hard to come by if you're not in cowboy country.

Hat: Drizabone

You really have to scour the internet to find a good one! Believe it or not I found this hat on eBay! I never wore hats in the past, apart from my trusty black beanie, but as soon as I tried my first fedora on, I didn't look back. I find that a hat gives you a little extra edge to your look, adding a little more detail to your outfit. They're a really cool accessory, which makes you stand out from the crowd. I heard a quote by Christian Dior yesterday and thought it would be a good way to end my section on hats, "Without hats, we would have no civilisation". 

T-shirt: Levi

I’m a sucker for the classic white T-shirt, I have WAY to many. You can’t go wrong with just throwing one on, as they go with pretty much everything. Underneath a jacket, jumper or even by themselves, they ooze cool. If styled correctly of course. The possibilities are endless with what  you can do with a simple white tee. My wardrobe consists of white T-shirts with low v necks, raw edge neck lines, button ups, and even open necks styles. I can integrate them so easily with my style, paired with a bandanna, scarf or a selection of necklaces, giving that basic tee a little more impact.

Leather jackets. Everyone should own at least two quality leather jackets in their wardrobe. They're essential and timeless. I'll confess, I have a lot more than just two. There’s lots of styles out there to choose from, and it's sometimes a little hard to find one that suits you. But once you find it and try it on, you’ll never take it off. My go to style is always the biker jacket. I’ve built up quite a selection of them, from your classic smooth black leather, to suede and even a snakeskin print biker, which all look so bloody cool.

Leather biker: The Kooples

Last but not least, I’ve always had a soft spot for Adidas jackets. I love a vintage design or a more unusual piece. Jeremy Scott collaborated with Adidas to design a range of very loud, bold and colourful jackets. I’m lucky enough to have tracked down and bought three of his jackets, which were all designed back in 2013. I managed to buy one as soon as they were released, and the other two I found online over the past 3 years (after searching really hard). His jackets are very unusual. But who doesn't love a snazzy jacket? Now his jackets are really hard to come by. Every time I wear one of his Adidas jackets, I get a lot of complements on how sweet the jacket looks.

Adidas Jacket: Jeremy Scott
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