This was one of our treat's of the trip, we stayed in this amazing boutique hotel in Palm Springs. The Hotel in question was called Arrive, the whole vibe of the hotel was very chic, very minimalist and of course, very Palm Springs. The rooms themselves were also very tastefully decorated, everything from the wallpaper to the vintage furniture dotted around the room. The leather studded arm-chair to the "old school" lampshades, everything had a high-quality finish. My personal favourite quirk of Arrive was that the hotel reception was also the bar. What an idea! Let's just say I made any excuse to visit the "reception" whilst staying there.

The hotel is pretty much brand new, only opening its doors last year. Arrive, in my opinion, is the coolest place to stay in PSP! Our hotel played host to one of the most exclusive parties of Coachella, hosting the Revole party throughout the first weekend. Anyone who’s anyone attended the event and were hanging out where we were staying!

Arrive also has two independent shops in the grounds, an ice cream shop and coffee shop, so you're never far away from getting your caffeine & ice cream fix. Arrive is situated a little further out of Palm Springs city centre than I normally stay, still, it worked out, it was only a $6 Uber or a 10-minute bike ride into the main area of the city, so not bad at all!

The rooms and buildings are all centred around the most amazing pool area. There's a large rectangular pool with separate jacuzzi both surrounded by palm tree's, it's a pretty idyllic setting! The pool area and hotel “reception” are all framed beautifully by the large mountain in the background, which gives Palm Springs it’s amazing micro climate.


Palm Springs is my favourite place in the world! I fell in love the first time I visited and since then itch to return every single year. This is one of the only places on Earth I could live! The architecture, the climate, the people, everything about this city is THE BEST! Everyone is so friendly, you go out to a bar and immediately someone talks to you. Saying that it might all be down to the British accent.

This year Coachella Valley was host to some mind-blowing art installations which were dotted around the valley. The dates the artwork were on show thankfully coincided with the festival, so since we were there, we had to go check a few out.

There was quite a lot of exhibits to visit but this mirrored house was top of our list! "Mirage" is a cabin totally clad in mirrors inside and out, it was surreal! This was built upon one of the mountainsides that surround the city, so as you can imagine the views up there were pretty epic too! At first, walking up to the cabin, you couldn't make it out, but after you spotted a line of the roof or one of the walls, the cabin came into vision. We spent the afternoon exploring Mirage then headed back to cool off around the pool.

The architecture in Palm Springs is the coolest around, a mix between mid 50's - 70's. Palm Springs has its very own instantly recognisable style. White painted brickwork, brightly coloured curved concrete walls, tall palm trees and perfect cacti, this place has incredible character! Fun fact, Palm Springs has the least amount of drains by the road of any city, but why build them when it never rains?

On our first morning, we decided to take an early morning cycle through the city. We rented bikes free from our hotel and set out on a leisurely ride down to the Ace Hotel. Slowly cycling through Palm Springs was the best thing ever! Casually pedalling down the main street, under the blue skies & palm tree's, it's a dream way to spend any morning!

Palm Springs, you have my heart, I'll definitely be back soon! That wraps up my travel posts on my trip to America. I hope you enjoyed reading them! My last travel vlog is below and ready to watch now.

Now let's get back to fashion & styling!



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