Three long years have past since Kasabian's last album, I'm pretty happy they've finally returned with their brand new album 'For Crying Out Loud'. I bought the vinyl last week and it's yet to come off my turntable.

This is the sixth studio album from Kasabian, and took Serge (lead guitarist and songwriter) only six weeks to complete. 'For Crying Out Loud' has over fifty minutes of classic Kasabian tunes, the new album definitely packs a punch. '||| Ray (the king)' is the big opening anthem of the album. It's a fast paced, beat-heavy tune! I can already imagine this being a big track at festivals this summer! 

Lets face it, the cover of the album is hard to miss. It features a topless older gent, who is actually a longtime roadie of the band. Serge made it his goal to get Rick immortalised forever, and thought the best way to do this was to use him on their album! The artwork itself was designed by Aitor Throup who is an artist turned fashion designer. Aitor is now a friend of the band and has worked with Kasabian countless times in the past. He's also the creative director at G-Star Raw, you should all remember that campaign starring Sergio back in 2014.

Other stand out tracks include 'Twentyfourseven' a song with a heavy guitar riff and an easy to sing chorus. In my opinion, this makes it the perfect driving song! 'Sixteen Blocks', another instantly recognisable Kasabian tune, Tom's vocals and Sergio on guitar, a match made in heaven! Not forgetting 'Bless This Acid House' another favourite of mine on the album, it has a upbeat, happy go lucky style, which makes it an ideal track for summer. The album also includes the single 'You're In Love With A Psycho' which I'm sure you will have all heard by now. TUNE!

I can't wait to see this killer album performed live at an upcoming gig, fingers crossed I'll be attending Leeds Festival, that's if I get around to buying tickets, (I better get a move on)! Kasabian's new album went straight in at number one last week, finally knocking Ed Sheeran off his record breaking top spot. This new album sees the Leicester lads back on top where they belong.


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