The Broad, in my opinion, is a must-visit if you're ever in LA. This modern art museum is the coolest around, it feels like it's been purpose built for millennials, housing the best and most interesting exhibits around. The Broad only opened it's doors back in 2015 and cost an estimated $140 million to build. The building really is very unusual, it has a honeycomb -shaped exterior that wraps itself around the entire structure. The exterior is designed to filter natural light through the porous shell to give the best light inside to view the artwork. The outer shell is built around a solid concrete vault where the artwork is stored when not being on display. The building was designed on a concept entitled “the veil and the vault”. Pretty cool, right?

This is one of my favourite installations in the museum, this piece is by Glen Ligon and isn't what it seems. The neon flashes and off alternating between the top and bottom. If you look carefully the light isn't coming from the neon as it's painted black. The words are lit from the back, the second thing you don't realise is that it's not a reflection. The word underneath is actually reversed. His artwork represents the struggles of being an African American in today's society. The flickering of the lights highlighting it's uncertainty.

You've most likely seen The Broad on Instagram, that's initially where I first came across it too. It's a very "instagrammable" place! It has a wide range of awesome artwork on display throughout the three floors with one room, in particular, being photographed & uploaded 700 times a day! The art includes work by Jasper Johns, Jeff Koons, Andy Warhol, Roy Liechtenstein, to name just a few.

Yayoi Kusama exhibit is my personal favourite, probably along with everybody else's. The exhibit is called "The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away". This is the exhibit everyone wants to see when they visit The Broad. The likes of Adele, Katy Perry and many more have documented their visit to the museum on Instagram. This room was only meant to be a temporary fixture but has proven so popular it has been extended three times now. Prepare to arrive early, to secure a place in the queue, as there is only a certain amount of places per day!

Yayoi is an eighty-eight-year-old artist from Japan and has three permeant infinity rooms around the world, one of them being in The Broad. You only get thirty seconds in this room alone, but I can guarantee to you, it's worth the wait! When you enter, it's breath taking. You walk out on a narrow path above the water that covers the floor below. You're in complete darkness until you see the tiny lights beginning to glow and flash. All you see is lights everywhere, twinkling, reflecting in the mirrors and in the water. It's magical! The room feels endless, you feel like you're suspended in space. It's truly beautiful!

The Broad website click here.📍


Another place you must stop off is the Griffith Observatory, positioned on one of the large hills surrounding LA this is where you get to see Los Angeles in all its glory. It's also very close in fact to the Hollywood sign, so you get to see two for the price of one. This is one of the main attraction's in LA, and usually very busy, but when I got there this year, it was super quiet! Saying that it was eight in the morning, maybe that explains it, Los Angeles must like a lie in. This, however, was the best time to go look around and soak up the AMAZING views with literally nobody around!

Griffith Observatory website click here. 📍


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