The next three shirts I'm about to share with you were quite the surprise. I’ll describe them first as per, then show you how I've styled them into a look. However, I'm not going to tell you where they're from or how much they cost till the very end. This post is definitely worth the read, you may be equally surprised! All the shirts I'm featuring are half sleeve, does this mean I’m finally beginning to feel comfortable with my snowman arms? I don't know, I'm still unsure, ha. Nevertheless, I think the shirts I've picked up are perfect for our hopefully hot* British summertime to come!

The cut and shape of all three shirts are the same, with an open stitched down collar. To keep costs down, retailers often design one pattern for a shirt then use a variation of motifs and prints to make it different. This is exactly what this store has done, meaning whatever your taste, you're more than likely going to find one that suits you. These are the three patterns that caught my eye.

All three of the shirts I've chosen have a very distinctive pattern, this makes dressing the shirts up every day very easy. You can style them with a simple leather jacket or even wear the shirt alone, it’s a simple statement piece that you can't get wrong. The sleeves of all three shirts are turned up & stitched in place. You can always roll them up a little more depending on your taste, this gives the shirts a more personal twist, as well as making them look a little more tailored to you.

If I told you that all of the shirts I’ve featured in this post were from All Saints, you wouldn't question it. I personally think these shirts are pretty sweet and love the different patterns! Although I can tell you now, none of these shirts had the £90 A.S price tag. In fact not even half of that! The first shirt featured was a remarkable £4! Yes, four pounds! This shirt was in the sale and initially made me look on their website. I was originally planning to blog about that shirt alone, but after paying their website a visit, I came across two more shirts I actually really liked! I never thought of buying anything from this store before, but after finding these shirts I changed my mind.

I’ve now learned to never judge a book by its cover. Sometimes the look of an outfit is all based upon how you style it up. It's all about making clothes work with what you already have. All the shirts I’ve featured in this blog are shirts I purchased in NEW LOOK. The three shirts I've featured are all under £20. The last two costing £19.99. What a bargain!

Here's the link to check out what New Look men's website has to offer. Click here. 


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