If you know me, you'll know by now I'm a massive fan of an animal print shirt. In my opinion, there's nothing cooler than a wild print, teamed up with a leather biker jacket. It always looks so bloody cool, it's very rock & roll! Carefully chosen printed shirts styled correctly, create a strong look, so don't be afraid of a little pattern! I've scouted out the best animal print shirts I can find from Asos and styled them to suit my look. Hopefully, this post will give you a little inspiration to try some bold prints for yourself. 

This season, Asos have their animal print shirts down. They're some of the best I've seen both online, and on the high street, all for a very reasonable price. All Saints have also got some killer animal print shirts in stock too, but I can't justify buying one when there are so many less expensive alternatives elsewhere.

I've always loved a zebra print shirt. Believe it or not, a few years ago, it was near enough impossible to get your hands on a zebra print shirt, well a guys version anyway. Believe me, I tried! Thankfully now there's more out there as the animal trend is finding its way into mainstream fashion. Asos have aced it in designing this fitted half sleeve shirt.

The second shirt I chose was this black leopard print number, it's one of my favourites. I love the simplistic black leopard pattern, the design resembles more brush marks than leopard print. It's a simple monochrome half sleeve shirt, perfect for a summer holiday or upcoming festival. Since this shirt has a very busy print, I've teamed it up with a classic black denim jacket & black skinny jeans. This tones down the overall look of the outfit.

This shirt you've seen before, but I still wanted to include it into this post. I wore this shirt while I was on holiday in the States. This shirt was a surprise, as I found it in the women's section in H&M. This shirt, although a women's, still looks super cool, it's a lightweight material and has one AMAZING print! I bought this shirt in a larger size than I'd normally go for and rooted for a medium. No one would question if it was a women's shirt, in fact, nobody did, I was complimented on the shirt a lot. Sadly this shirt is now out of stock in H&M but there are similar ones you can find on their website.

The final shirt is a change for me as I normally go for neutral coloured animal prints. This burgundy colour has grown on me a lot the more I wear it. This shirt has a spread collar and has that vintage look. In my opinion, this is the perfect shirt for under a black leather jacket. As you can see it's a match made in heaven!

You can now watch my YouTube video all about the animal print shirts I've featured in this post, in more detail below.


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