This was one of the best decisions of our entire trip away! We found this dream cabin in the desert on Airbnb. This place was in the middle of nowhere and when I say that, I mean NOWHERE! There wasn't even a road! The tarmac just stopped and we had to follow a long dusty path to the cabin. The track was surrounded only by only cacti, rocks and sand, so yes, as you can imagine the views were incredible! It was like we were on a film set! I especially enjoyed putting my foot down hard and creating huge dust clouds behind the car as it weaved from side to side on the dirt track on the way to the cabin, it was a lot of fun!

We eventually reached the little green cabin and pulled up outside on the makeshift drive. I remember stepping out the car, the first thing I noticed wasn't the heat or the dry air, it was the pure silence of the place. I've never experienced anything quite like it, it was so quiet! The only noise you could make out was the wind blowing through the nearby bushes, but that was it! We were super excited to see the inside and quickly opened the door to our very own cabin in the middle of the desert. We were greeted by the quaintest little set up inside, cacti, old postcards, even a bottle of wine, we were set.

It was the dream desert shack! It was clean, cool and tastefully decorated, we'd found the ultimate desert stopover! The views you got from every window were insane, no matter what window you chose to peer out of, you got the most stunning view of the desert. All the rooms linked into one big room, a nice cosy kitchen, dining room, lounge area and bedroom. Everything you need for a night in the desert.

The surrounding area was mind blowing. We were staying off a dirt road, in the heat, in the complete silence of the Mojave desert! This place was UNREAL! We unpacked the supplies we had bought earlier and cracked open a few ice cold beers, the perfect scenario! We spend the afternoon exploring and chilling out, as this was the first time we weren't rushing around or frantically trying to get somewhere or see something. We walked around the surrounding area, then sat out with a beer and watched the afternoon turn into early evening with the most amazing sunset the desert had to offer.

We also had a hot tub SCORE! I've never actually been in a hot tub so this was a pretty good place to try it out! We cooked tea then relaxed watching the stars appear in the night's sky, we were also treated to the moon rise in pink! This place really did have it all! The stars and moon looked unbelievable, the cabin even had a small telescope to gaze at the night's sky! While sitting in the hot tub I was even lucky enough to see a HUGE green shooting star! It made a loud whooshing noise as it stretched across the jet black sky, it was so close! It's something that I'll remember forever!

I couldn't recommend this place more, it was such a different experience, staying in the middle of nowhere by ourselves in the desert. I truly loved every second, well, maybe bar the freezing shower, but you can't have everything! There's a link below if you want to check this place out for yourselves or even book a night's stay. I've also made a video on The Mojave Green Cabin you can also view below.

Mojave Green Cabin, Joshua Tree 📍


The night after our stay in the desert we travelled to Joshua Tree to visit Skull Rock. Yes, you guessed it, it's a rock that looks like a skull. You've got to admit, it actually does! I've been wanting to go to this place for years and as you can see, I eventually got around to it. It was a slight detour from our next stop of Palm Springs, but well worth the trip! Skull Rock is situated around twenty- five minutes into Joshua Tree, which is a national park. There is a $25 entrance free, although if you visit on an American holiday (bank holiday), fee's are waived. So you get in for FREE!

Joshua Tree is like another planet! The landscape and rock formations are out of this world! It's one SUPER cool place you've got to check out if you're ever in California! The roads in the national park are also some of the best I've ever driven on! Saying that, when you have the power of a convertible Mustang, every road is a pretty good driving experience! YouTube video featuring our journey to Skull Rock coming Wednesday.


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