Finally, I've hunted down another killer hat to add to my collection. This, believe it or not, is quite a task. I have a small collection of hats mainly from Brixton but adding a new one has taken a very long time indeed. The one I predominantly wear and the one you'll probably recognise the most is my Driza Bone hat, which has to be my all-time favourite.

It takes so much longer than you'd think plus a whole lot of luck to find that perfect hat. I go to hat shops, I constantly look online but a quality hat is a very elusive object to track down. Every month or so I have a scroll on eBay for a list of items which I can never usually find. The list consists of large brimmed hats, a red silk shirt, and a suede - I knew I should have bought when I saw it - biker jacket. Basically, it's a regret list! But last week I finally managed to tick one of the items off and purchased this amazing hat.

I'd previously spotted this particular hat online, which sadly had a hefty price tag of $195. Another nail in the coffin was that the hat makers website didn't ship to the U.K. With items like this, I always do a lot of digging until I find a way to get what I want. The dream situation being - this hat, a little cheaper, shipped to me, but this scenario usually never ever happens! Cue the endless eBay scrolling.

This is in fact where I found (AMAZINGLY) the same hat for a steal, at only £50, yes £50! My dream had come true! The guy selling it had purchased it in OZ and brought it home to the U.K. Obviously, his feelings of how good he looked in the hat had changed, as the hat also came with a free thick layer of dust. However, underneath the dust was a hat that was brand new, it even had the tag on when it arrived!

I couldn't believe my luck, I'd got a brand new hat for a fraction of the price which could actually be shipped to me! The hat gods are on my side! I went for this western-styled black fedora, a slight change on my Drizza Bone hat which I think is very sexy!

I just thought I needed a change to the hat that has been permanently glued to my head since 2016. This new hat is the game changer as I now have an interchangeable killer black hat. My new hat is yet another made in Australia, but this time by a company called Akubra.

Akubra was founded in 1874 by Benjamin Dunkerley after arriving in Tasmania from England and decided to start a hat making business. The trade name Akubra only came into use in 1912, when all hats produced were branded with the name. The hat company is still run by the same family today now in the fourth generation. So it's a hat company with a lot of history, well worth checking out!

To visit their website click here. Unfortunately, the website doesn't ship to the U.K but this gives you an idea of what hats they produce. They do have a U.K website but sadly this doesn't stock the same hats as the larger Australian counterpart.

If you're after a quality hat similar to the ones I own I've listed a few of my favorite Instagram hat stores below:

Take a look at my YouTube channel where I've just uploaded a video all about my new sexy hat, plus some tips on tracking your very own hat down.


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