Jumper season is well and truly upon us, that's why I've picked up my first piece of knitwear. This jumper is a little different for me. Why might you ask, well it's because it's a bright colour! You'll all know by now my wardrobe has a very monotone colour scheme. However, when it comes to the winter months, I like to inject some colour in there, to mix it up a little.

This happy yellow roll neck does just that. I mentioned this across on today's YouTube video too, which coincidentally you can all watch now, (nicely placed segway there). I was talking about how in the winter time, I wear more coloured pieces than any other time of the year. It's the time of year when everything is cold and grey, so it's nice to wear a vibrant colour to brighten up your surroundings, not to mention improving your mood.

The attention to detail in the knit is top notch, especially around the hem and the bottom of the sleeves, this is where the purl knit goes from being horizontal to vertical, nice touch Zara!

This particular style of jumper can only be bought in medium and above, the jumper wasn't made available in smaller sizes. I rooted for a medium, which as you can see is a great fit. This jumper was designed to be worn a little over sized which makes it even more comfortable for the inevitable long winter ahead. You can take this jumper off me in March!

I've styled this outfit with my favourite leather biker. I feel like this is the best way to rock a thick knit jumper. The clash of colours and material between the bright yellow knit and the jet black leather looks bloody awesome. I also love exposing a little of the jumpers sleeves out of either side of the leather to give that finishing touch.

Paired with my staple black skinny jeans, black pointed boots and finishing the outfit with a pair of sunglasses, makes for a killer AW look anyone can pull off.

The jumper costs £49.99 and comes in a range of colours to suit anyones taste, you can check these jumpers out now by clicking below.

Shop the Zara knit here.

You can also head across to my YouTube channel and watch my new video. This week I'm talking about this jumper from Zara and one more knit I'm featuring on my blog this coming Sunday.

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