An aptly named title don't you think? As this particular jumper has some serious Dennis The Menace vibes. I actually really love this jumper as it's just so different to what I'd normally wear. The best feature of this jumper bar the stripes, of course, has to be the material. It's so comfortable, plus the fabric used makes for an amazing blurred effect from one stripe to the other.

The jumper is made from a synthetic material but also contains alpaca wool. This is what gives the stripes their blurred edges and fluffy appearance. I've seen a lot of people, girls & guys sporting this particular stripe, especially across on Instagram, this stripe & colour combination seems to be very popular this season, which is just my luck as it fits perfectly with my style.

It also reminds me of something similar to what Mr. Noel Fielding would wear (that's not always a bad thing) a jumper with a lot of personality is something I've been craving in my wardrobe for a long time, and this one ticks all the boxes!

The jumper has two small detail slits on each side, the back of the jumper is also slightly longer than the front. Other details include a ribbed neckline, hem and cuffs giving the jumper a nice edge and finish.

I've kept this outfit simple and stuck to the black and the red colours found in the jumper. A black suede biker thrown on top gives the jumper that extra rocker edge, plus I've purposely pulled the sleeves down a little (like I did with the yellow knit jumper) to expose the red and the black edge under the cuffs of my jacket.

Worn with jet black jeans with kneehole detailing and black suede boots to complement the jacket completes the outfit, making, in my opinion, for a killer look. I bought this jumper true to size, in small. However, it's once again an oversized knit. Whatever size you decide on buying this jumper in, it's going to look cool. This jumper was an utter steal at only £29.99 and also comes in a black/grey stripe, but the red is definitely my favourite.

I've left the link below if you want to view the jumper in more detail.

Click here to view the jumper at H&M.


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