What? How did that happen? I'm now twenty-six years old, I've spent my weekend celebrating. After a nice low key meal with the family on Friday night, I spent yesterday (my actual birthday) with the boys, celebrating the only way I know how; beer, cigars & poker. I can tell you now, I'm battling through a very bad hangover!

So since I'm one year wiser, (I use that term very loosely) I thought I'd write a post dedicated to the year ahead. This post will act as a kind of to-do list so that in one years time, I can look back on everything I said I wanted to achieve in my 26th year. To be honest, I've never been someone that makes plans. I'm that person who lives life by the day and takes things as they come. However even I have to admit some things have changed. For instance, I'm now unable to hack a 4am night out, without the feeling of regret (I shouldn't have drunk all those shots) & tiredness the following day. Why can't I do late nights anymore?

I'm the type of guy who likes to live in the moment, to be spontaneous, take trips to places I've never visited before, make new friends and experience more things. That's precisely what I want to do more of this year, I want to take more chances and edge that little further out of my comfort zone.

I'm approaching a time in my life when I've never been as comfortable with who I am, in my own skin, as I am now. I've figured out who I am and what I like. It's definitely the most self-assured I've ever been, and that's partly down to this blog. Sharing my opinions online, for everyone to see, takes a lot of confidence, I can tell you that! Especially on YouTube, where there's nothing to hide behind, apart from my improving editing skills, of course.

I'm hoping (along with my Mam & Dad) that this, is the year I'll finally move out. I'm constantly being reminded by the parents that "at your age, we already had a house!' Which is actually crazy to think, but I guess I've been enjoying life a little too much still living at home.

would love to move to a bigger city. I've visited Manchester and Leeds quite a lot recently, and I have fallen for them both. The change of surroundings, the sense of freedom whilst wandering around and exploring a new city is awesome! I'd love to live and be apart of a bigger city. Making new friends is something very high on my to-do list for this next year, and moving to a new city would surely improve my chances.

I'm a firm believer of everything happening for a reason, I know I'm on a path to something good with this blog, so I'm going to keep on trying my very best until something manifests itself, because I am going to make this work. I've learned over the years that being stuck in a job you hate just for money isn't worth it, and I don't want to live my life that way. Money comes and goes, it's not the be all and end all, so it’s better to get out there and follow your passion!

I enjoy investing so much of my time and effort, creating and sharing blog posts and videos for you lot to read. This post has been a lot more personal than most, but I just thought it was befitting, it's my birthday after all!


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