Last Saturday I attended my final wedding of the year and what a day it was. The day went without a hitch but finding this suit was a little more difficult. Nevertheless, I think I just about pulled it off and put together a suit I was proud to wear. I decided to wear something a little different to my go-to suit which has had a fair few outings over the summer.

Since I needed a whole new look for the occasion and didn't have the time or money for a new suit I knew I had to work with what I already had in the wardrobe. Cue this killer suit jacket from The Kooples. I knew it was this I'd have to build my look around. Yes, I left it very last minute, but I work better under pressure. I started shopping for my suit trousers two days before the wedding. I was cutting it very fine indeed!

The suit trousers were so much easier to find than I initially thought. I literally found them as soon as I walked into the first tailors I tried. What are the chances! I picked up the first black trousers I saw and they were perfect! They matched my suit like a dream! The material, shade and fit were exactly what I was looking for. You'd think my jacket and these trousers were made for each other. After few days of worrying, it was all coming together nicely.

Since I had the main two pieces down, I could now put my own spin on things by diving back into my wardrobe and picking out some pieces that would complement the outfit. I started with a crisp white shirt, this is the classic base to any smart outfit. However, I didn't want to go all out and wear a tie neither did I want to wear the shirt fastened right to the top. I wanted to achieve a smart but effortlessly cool laid back look.

I added my leather waistcoat underneath my blazer which gave the outfit that rock & roll edge. This gave the suit jacket another layer to sit upon and also an extra dimension to the super cool snakeskin print leather lapels on my blazer, which looked even more noticeable against the plain smooth leather of the waistcoat. I felt smart and looked smart but with a casual all thrown together look.

Worn with a selection of accessories including my trusty rings and since it was a special occasion, my Grandads wristwatch. I also found an understated classic belt with silver buckle & fastening, which tied the outfit together. The silver colour also matched the zip on my waistcoat and silver colour scheme of my jewellery.

My outfit was topped off quite literally with my signature hat, adding that flare of personality and making for a nice finishing touch. Overall, I really liked this look it also didn't look too bad considering I threw it all together in a matter of days. What do you guys think?


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