If you follow me on Instagram, you'll have seen that last Saturday, I travelled to Amsterdam to see The Rolling Stones. This as I expected it to be, was bloody awesome! I can't put into words how awesome the gig was, but I'll give it a shot!

Starting a Saturday by flying to Holland, to see the biggest rock 'n' roll band in the world, perform live was a pretty good start to my weekend, not to mention very rock & roll! I took a fair few photographs throughout the day in Amsterdam and at the gig, so I've decided to split the day into two posts, starting off with the one and only Rolling Stones.

After a day of exploring everything Amsterdam had to offer, we jumped on the train and headed to the arena. We made it inside just on time, running up the stairs to join the crowd, just as The Stones were walking out on stage. I couldn't believe I was going to be spending Saturday night watching one of the biggest bands in the world, perform live in front of my very eyes.

I'll start off by saying the Arena was huge! My dad and I along with  45,000 Stones fans had packed the Ajax stadium, it was only then it began to dawn on me of how epic this gig was going to be. Snaking our way through the crowd of red silhouettes as Sympathy For The Devil began to play is something I'll remember forever! We were a little further back than I would have liked, nevertheless, we still secured a pretty good spot in the centre of the crowd!

Seeing the boys was bloody brilliant. Mick, Keith, Ronnie and Charlie are still all looking super cool, the outfits the boys rocked throughout their gig were phenomenal. This is the band I admire the most when it comes to styling, they give me a lot of ideas for my own outfits. They are the coolest guys in the world! From their early days in the 60's, to how they look today, looking half as cool as Mr Keith Richards will certainly do me!

Keith is a muse of mine, so seeing him in real life was crazy! Keith changed a few times during the gig, my favourite outfit of his, had to have been his black Saint Laurent shirt with flamingo print. He opened the show in a black trench coat, which also looked the epitome of cool, whilst rocking his signature bandanna and jewellery throughout the concert.

I love this photograph below, this song only featured Keith & Ronnie, but if you look carefully you can still see Mick watching from the wings, left of the stage gazing out at the huge crowd. (You may have to zoom in).

Mick still had all the moves, he had as much energy and stage presence as I've seen in music videos from the 80's. Constantly dancing around from one side of the stage to the other, he's without a doubt the ultimate frontman! He was chatting with the crowd, and mentioned it was his 38th time playing Amsterdam, the eighth time in this arena, which is crazy to think about, this band has been going for such a long time, spanning two, even three generations!

The entire band were so tight and played every song perfectly, it was great to see they were obviously all having such a fun too, Keith made a joke about Charlie's bright orange socks between songs which got a big laugh. They're all still living the dream!

We were treated to a killer set list which lasted just over two hours, with some of the Stones biggest hits. I still can't believe I saw one of the biggest rock & roll bands in history perform live!

Overall the gig was epic! Saying to people that you've been lucky enough to see The Rolling Stones live is something people my age might not be able to say for much longer. After all, they're in their 70's now! The band surpassed my expectations, smashing the gig out the park, being the Rockstars they are. They say 'You Can't Always Get What You Want' but that night the crowd certainly did.

Stay tuned for my 16 hours in Amsterdam post & YouTube video coming Sunday.


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