This shirt was quite the surprise to find! As you know, my favourite brand is The Kooples, however, finding a piece of theirs in amongst the packed rails of a high street discount store, was the last thing I thought I'd come by!

Walking down the aisle, to stumble upon a Kooples shirt with the attractive price tag of just £29.99, was a pretty good way to start my weekend. When this shirt was first released it retailed at £120, I couldn't believe I'd found it for under thirty pounds. Obviously, I had to purchase it right away, EASIEST DECISION EVER.

A £90 saving! Crazy I know! I just had to feature this shirt across on my blog, plus let you in on the secret of where I found it! As soon as I spotted it I couldn't believe my luck, I love it. It's such a cool shirt, I can't even remember seeing it in past campaigns, this one really slipped through the net! It may be an old style, but hey, when it looks this good and since it was such a steal, why not!

This shirt has a red star motif, which I bloody love. I'm a massive fan of star print anything, yet this looks like a polka dot too. The print resembles fine polka dots from afar, but once you see the shirt up close, you then realise those dots are in fact, little stars. It's your classic Kooples shirt, a cool print, check. Button up front, check. Detail metal fastening on either cuff, check, and smart fitted cut, check. It ticks all the boxes!

I wore this shirt with a jacket you may have seen before, this again is from The Kooples but I had to feature these two pieces together. This is because this jacket is from the same place I found my discounted shirt. It was the first item I found last year in T.K Maxx. Since I've now been lucky enough to find a second super cool garment in there, I may have to make the trip a little more often!

I've even spotted a fair few things online at unbelievable prices, for girls and guys, it's definitely worth checking out. I'll leave a link to the page at the bottom of this post. However, the sizing is the only problem, you'll find this the same in-store, I'd count yourself very lucky if they have the item you want, in the size you need. If luck is on your side, however, you'll be able to pick up a sweet bargain! I'll have my fingers crossed for you!

Check out what T.K Maxx has to offer, let's hope luck is on your side. Click here to shop. 

I also have a new YouTube video across on my channel too. This time unrelated to the blog post. Shock! However, it does feature a chatty walk-through of two new high street rock 'n' roll campaigns, one from Zara and the other from Topman.


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