I don't normally give the items I choose to return the time of day across on my blog. I mean why would I? If I don't like something why would I tell all you about it? Well, this velvet shirt makes the exception, read a little more and find out why . . .

I shop online a lot and that's a risk in itself, as you don't entirely get to see what the garment looks like in the flesh until it's been delivered to your door. I rarely return items as I invest a lot of time in making the decision before the purchase, to spare myself from the hassle of the returns process.

This shirt however, sadly didn't make the cut. I returned this shirt as I felt it was a little different to what it appeared like online. It's a shame, as when I first saw this shirt I really liked it.

I've hit two duds in two weeks, which is unlike me! If you watched my Youtube last week, you'll remember me saying I'd bought a shirt from Topman's Voodoo Lounge campaign. I can tell you now that particular shirt isn't worth purchasing either. I didn't even try it on, not to mention write a post about it. I was so disappointed!

This shirt was a little different to the Topman item. I didn't have the instant 'what have I done?' moment. This shirt took a little more time for me to recognise my mistake. As you can see I still liked it enough to shoot a post, but on returning home to edit the photographs, I started looking at them thinking to myself, this didn't suit me at all! It just didn't work.

Thankfully this shirt didn't arrive with any tags, strange I know! Luckily for me, it was just the matter of sliding it back into the plastic bag it and sending it back to Asos. Sorry Asos but this shirt really wasn't for me!

I didn't know what it was. The material? The colour? I've never owned a velvet shirt before, so initially, I thought, I'd just had to adjust to it. But after more deliberation, I settled on the colour being the problem. It just looked so different to what it was like online. It's so much lighter than I anticipated, it's more of a light pink in real life which isn't my style at all. 

I just couldn't figure it out, it looked so good online, Asos had done such a great job in accessorising the shirt across on their website, adding a super cool polka dot scarf and dressing it up a little. However, when I wore it, it just didn't look right. That's something I always forget, items look different online!

Going back online and visiting Asos, I did come by a way cooler black velvet shirt, that one, was cheaper, and two looked so much better than the red shirt I'd bought. To be honest, as soon as I spotted this red shirt I didn't hesitate, it was straight in the basket. I'd bought it. Which as I've just touched on, goes against my normal method of researching and shopping around for alternatives. In my haste, I'd missed the cooler velvet shirt for a cheaper price the first time around. (Lesson Learnt!)

I'd been after a crushed velvet shirt for a while now and after returning this one, I'm still in the same position. However, I've learnt my lesson and have found an even better one I want to share with you all. 

I think a crushed velvet shirt is a really cool piece to add to your wardrobe, agreed, maybe not every velvet shirt, I realise that now. However, this new black shirt from Asos is a lot more subtle, yet you still get that unusual texture to mix up with your outfit.

In my opinion, a black velvet shirt will look more toned down and less in your face. It will look cooler as it's not shouting out for attention, being first of all, bright, and secondly made of velvet. That's the mistake I made, you can either have one or the other. A brightly coloured shirt, fine, or a velvet shirt, fine. You certainly can't have both, it just looks too out there, too over the top. Lesson learnt. 

If you want to have a closer look at the black velvet shirt I've left a link below so you can have a closer look. I'd also love to know your opinions of this velvet shirt. Is it too far or can the material be tamed? What are your thoughts?

Click here to view the Asos Velvet shirt.

You can also go across and watch my YouTube video on this shirt, plus two more shirts (I actually really like) across on my channel now. The two other shirts will feature on my blog this Wednesday.


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