Today's post is all about this new season, All Saints leopard print shirt. As soon as I spotted this shirt, no pun intended, I had to have it. Cue your response of " Not more leopard print Christian? " No, in fact, All Saints describe this pattern as a deconstructed panther print, so technically, I'm off the hook! It's a slim fit shirt with a casual open collar and subtle Hawaiian details.

I've always loved All Saints shirts with their instantly recognisable prints and eye-catching patterns and designs, after all they're an All Saints staple. This shirt doesn't have any large logo's or emblems upon it, which, if I'm honest, I'm not a fan of anyway. My point is even without the ram skull you can tell immediately that this shirt is from A.S.

This shirt can be worn in so many ways but what would look cooler than with a simple black leather biker? It would be a match made in heaven and it would scream rock 'n' roll. This is but just one item that would complement the shirt, if you scroll down this post hopefully you'll see a few more.

Its allover print makes the shirt stand out from the crowd, I love the contrasting colours of the panther print. The bright white spots and splodges against the jet black background certainly looks awesome in my opinion. The shirt is made from 100% viscose with a simple button up design and features a loop fastening on the collar of the shirt.

I wanted to shoot the shirt in a place I could imagine All Saints themselves picking out. Somewhere with that industrial and urban feel. This is when I stumbled across an old stretch of disused, abandoned railway line stretching down to the coast. Luckily this is close to where I live, I really am spoilt for cool historical locations. I felt it was the perfect backdrop to shoot the shirt and matched the grungy sites of past All Saints campaigns.

I mentioned (talked for a whole seven minutes about how cool this shirt is) across on my YouTube channel, where I said the shirt has that thing you can't quite put your finger on, that feeling you can't quite describe, that air of cool. As soon as I put my hands through the sleeves of this shirt and threw it over my back, it felt good. This shirt gives you that extra confidence and rock and roll edge. It makes you feel that you have the mentality of a front man in a band, the feeling of indestructibility.

I styled this shirt up by wearing a black t-shirt underneath which made the shirt look effortlessly cool, worn open or buttoned up, whichever you choose its going to look sweet. I added a suede biker jacket on top to give that contrast of material and colour (it's a tan brown). With the ol' signature hat as a finishing touch, making for an altogether rocker look.

If you want to see more of this shirt or the location you can head across to my Youtube channel. This week you'll be able to find two videos on the Panther Shirt. A look video to give you a little-added inspiration on how to rock similar items yourself, plus another video describing the shirt and another purchase in more detail. I'll have a post on the jumper featured in my YouTube video on Wednesday. Stay tuned.

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