Hey, I hope you all had a scary Halloween yesterday! With that in mind, I thought I'd put together a small blog featuring my Jeremy Scott Adidas jacket. This is the outfit I chose to wear on the spookiest day of the year. This skeleton Adidas is the jacket I always dig out of the wardrobe this time of year. I mean, why wouldn't I? It's the perfect piece for a bone-shaking appearance.

Sadly this is the first year in a long time I've not gone all out and dressed up as one of my favourite characters for Halloween. It's a time of the year I love and generally, always make a huge effort. However, this year was a pretty sad state of affairs as none of my friends did anything!

Since I didn't have any Halloween parties to attend and no reason to get dressed up, wearing this jacket was the next best thing. I love this jacket as it's so unusual, especially for Adidas. Jet black in colour with a skeletal design both on the front and back. I have a small collection of these limited edition jackets designed by Jeremy Scott but this one is definitely up there as my favourite!

Jeremy Scott first collaborated with Adidas back in 2008 when he designed his famous winged trainers, which a lot of people said changed the shoe game forever. After this memorable collaboration, Jeremy struck another deal with Adidas this time designing a range of killer jackets from 2011-2013. This coincided with his move to creative director at Moschino. The run of jackets he designed at Adidas was extremely limited and as you can imagine quite hard to get your hands on!

During his time at Adidas, he created a handful of designs including some of my favourites, for example, the totem pole, skeleton and leopard print, all of which I own. (I know, I was lucky!) My collection didn't happen overnight, it took four years to acquire, plus endless hours of scrolling online to find the jackets in my size! I've never seen any of them in shops, not to mention anyone in the street actually wearing one. That's what I like about these jackets, they're just so difficult to come by and rare to see anyone wearing, but when you do, they just look so bloody cool!

As you can see Serge is a massive advocate of Jeremy Scott's range of jackets, wearing his statement pieces on several occasions including the skeleton design. Mr. Pizzorno is the man who first brought these jackets to my attention when he wore one of Scott's creations whilst performing a headline set at Leeds. I thought Serge looked on point playing that show and this inspired me to take a closer look and invest in a few killer pieces of my own.

Personally, I think these jackets are more like wearable art, they're just so out there and uncommon, they break the mould of the classic Adidas jacket you see every day. Every time I wear one of my Jeremy Scott jackets I get a surprise from peoples reactions as they just don't expect it to be Adidas. I always get a lot of compliments whichever one I choose to wear, which is always nice to hear! I guess everyone's a fan of an Adidas jacket!

I love all my jackets as they look super cool and provoke such a reaction when I wear one out. What do you think of the more risky design? Would you wear it, or are you more of the traditional Adidas jacket type?


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