As you may have noticed on my Instagram account, last weekend I travelled down to Manchester to shoot once again with Phix clothing. This time it was all about their new range of killer shirts. If you've ever wondered what really happens BTS on a shoot, this post will let you in on all of that, plus you'll get to see a selection of their new designs up close and personal. 

I arrived in Manchester at 11:30 and headed straight to the Northern Quarter, where I met the guys. We started the shoot in a small boutique bar/café called Flok. This cosy, eclectic bar was such a cool place to start shooting the new shirts. The large leather chairs were the perfect backdrop, as we posed with our rounded sunglasses and tumblers of strong whisky (to get the day started the right way, of course.)

Getting back to the shirts, as I mentioned this is more of a sneak peek at the new range of velvet shirts & kaftans. You'll be able to see the full new collection later on tonight across on Phix Clothing's website. My two favourite pieces are obviously the animal print shirts (no surprise there) but to be honest, I'm a huge fan of them all. After finishing in Flok we headed around to one of my favourite bars in Manchester, Jimmy's.

Most of the new shirts are made from velvet except the red kaftan which I'll show you later. The animal print velvets were inspired by the patterns worn by the 70's rock 'n' roll bands. The creative styling of both Keith Richards & the T. Rex. frontman Marc Bolan. Like all Phix garments, the quality is once again top notch. All Phix garments are exclusively hand designed by their in-house team and sold only through their website.

As always, the photographs we took in the bar were very cool, but now it was time to hit the back streets of the Manchester. We braced ourselves for the cold and headed out on the streets of the Northern Quarter. 

Whilst walking around the city centre, we were asked if we were in a band, as according to the kind people of Manchester, 'We're dressed like we should be'! We get asked this everytime we head out! Saying that 50% of the Phix group actually are band members.

I think the public arrive at that conclusion because of the super cool, frontman aesthetic all Phix garments project. We took some awesome shots in the back alleys, I just can't wait to see what the finished photographs look like. However, it was so bloody cold, I couldn't wait to get back inside!

These two shirts are my favourites of the bunch. I just love the pattern on frontman of Manchester-based band Kashmere, Joey's shirt. A large golden polka dot motif covers the shirt which is made of velvet. Black buttons stretch down to the centre of the torso and as you can see this item looks absolutely killer paired with a black leather biker jacket.

In-house model Tom wears another shirt right up my street, the uber cool leopard print velvet. This shirt is awesome as the texture of the velvet really shines through, giving any outfit that extra dimension.

After shooting on the streets, we decided to go for a bite to eat and headed to Ply, which is well known for their super tasty pizzas. After our late lunch, we finished up the street shots and wandered around to Piccadilly Records. We had one more quick break this time, topping up our daily caffeine levels at Ezra, before heading to the studio.

Shooting in the studio was way warmer than the bitingly cold wind outside, so I was very grateful to be back indoors! Here's a closer look at the shirts we were wearing throughout the day, plus a shirt I'd not even seen yet, the red kaftan. The kaftan is a little different from the rest as this is made from cotton. The Kaftan was inspired by prints you'd imagine George Harrison sporting in the 60's. This busy pattern was chosen by Phix as they felt it would be perfectly at home combined with a kaftan shape. As you can see, I think they were totally right as this Kaftan looks very cool with its distinctive asymmetric print. 

I posted a small vlog about my day in Manchester on Sunday, if you've yet to watch it click the link below or head across to my YouTube channel. Don't forget to subscribe if you're new, it would be awesome to have you along on the journey!

Check out all of Phix clothing's new killer shirts by clicking below
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