Can everyone take a second to appreciate this jumper! I spotted this amazing jumper online, a few days ago and with it sporting a wild print, I, of course, had to see if it was all that it cracked up to be. I can tell you now, it is.

I ordered this to my local Topman Store and picked it up Friday (what a day to go into town). I risked my life with the Black Friday crowds and quickly dashed in and out. As I tore into the bag and unfolded the jumper I knew it was a keeper, I mean, it's a killer piece! It's made up of mainly acrylic and nylon but also has 15% mohair and 11% wool mixed into the weave.

I love zebra print as you probably know by now and it feels as if I always talk about items with some kind of animal print on them, and I know, I do! It is one of my favourite things to wear, so I guess I just have to share this little number with you too. I just think its so rock 'n' roll.

The black and white zebra pattern looks so cool, I'm also a huge fan of the fluffiness of this jumper. It has a thick ribbed effect running around the collar, sleeves and base of the jumper, meaning the fit is great. It's so soft and warm to wear, its a slim fit jumper with again slightly longer sleeves than the body, it seems like every jumper I've purchased so far this year has followed the same template. Again I'm not complaining as the slightly longer sleeves gives that extra comfort to this amazing looking jumper.

I wore this jumper with some leather trousers, risky I know, but I think I can just about pull it off. What's cooler than zebra print and leather, they're the ultimate rocker combination in my book! I love this monotone outfit a lot, it looks super cool and was functional as well, it kept me toasty warm!

I finished the outfit off, by adding a pair of statement sunnies, I picked these round lenses up for £15 across on Asos, a great black Friday bargain!

This jumper did go down to £40 on Black Friday, you might be lucky to pick it up a little cheaper tomorrow too (cyber Monday), you can find the jumper in Topman's premium collection.

Check the jumper out, click here.


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