I've mentioned the term 'collaboration' a lot over my recently, especially when my blog turned one-year-old a few weeks ago. It's a huge part of the blogger-sphere. I think it is hugely important when creating content online. Working with other creative individuals is the way forward! It inspires you, two minds are certainly better than one, being able to see things from a different perspective is always a positive. 

I've always strived to collaborate with others, ever since I began my blog. And over the last two weeks, I've been collaborating with others more than ever. Moving to Manchester has forced me to put myself out there. Only knowing a handful of people, in a new city is always going to be hard, and when you want to create content, it's even harder!

I've been lucky enough to work with two amazing photographers here in Manchester, who have helped me out massively! Obviously, photographs are an integral part of my blog, so ensuring I collaborate with others is crucial. I'll let you into a secret, I totally relied on close friends and family members when I was back home, and as they are now 130 miles away, I'm finding it tough! Filming my Youtube videos and writing posts is easy, it's the visual element of blogging which makes things difficult. 

That's until I decided to try and improve my situation. Manchester is a hub for creative and interesting people, jam-packed with talent. So finding people to work with is possible, however, you've just got to ask! With that in mind, I gave it a try. Instagram has once again came to my rescue. As soon as I walked into my first bar in Manchester I noticed a few individuals who I follow on Instagram. Being the sociable character I am, I headed straight over and started chatting. It's pretty funny actually as the first question I'm actually asked is "what's you're actual name?" It's an icebreaker! With that said, I started to ask around to see if anyone was interested in collaboration. Luckily I bumped into Rachel (@rags_renewal) on my very first night out in the city along with Megs (@meg.bury) who both happen to be bloggers too! Weirdly enough, they too seemed to be in the same predicament as I was- not being the new guy in town, but struggling to get content for their blogs!

We set up a chat, planned a place and time, all met up and shot some awesome content! How cool is that? It just shows, that if you put yourself out there, it can certainly pay off! We're hoping this becomes a regular thing, so if anyone is in Manchester and wants to join, send one of us a message!

Check out both Rachel's blog and Megan's below, I'm pretty certain you'll love there super cool style!

Rachels blog click here.
Megan's blog/Instagram click here.


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