If you watched my YouTube video last weekend, you'll know by now that, yes, I've chosen to keep it. I was having second thoughts about this particular shirt as the print is quite similar to one I already own, which I picked up last year in Zara. However, after trying it on and styling this piece in various outfits, I chose to keep it. This shirt is a lot brighter than the monotone number I already have hanging in my wardrobe, so why not ey?

The snakeskin print stands out so much more on a coloured surface, as you can see this shirt looks killer paired underneath my go-to leather biker. I found the colour very unusual, the large black patches on the print, contrasting against the brown and gold, made this shirt pretty irresistible to my ever growing animal print collection.

The three colour tones make the print very noticeable, I mean how cool does the dry, cracked snakeskin motif look? The shirt has black buttons running down its centre and one button on each cuff. The shirt is made from lyocell which is a form of rayon and is eco-friendly as well as being soft to the touch and get this, crease free! You don't even have to iron it, this may come in handy when  I move out!

It's a straight cut shirt, I bought it in a small and the fit is great. I styled it up as I do pretty much all my shirts. Boots, skinny jeans, biker jacket, not forgetting my signature hat. I love everything about this shirt, it looks good, it fits with that rock 'n' roll look, plus it only cost £34.99! If you need a shirt for a Saturday night out, I think this one could be a contender.

To have a closer look at the H&M shirt click here.


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