The oversized jumper. As we are now in February hangovers are back. My first and surprisingly quite mild hangover, hit yesterday. It wasn't too bad, but once again I've been reacquainted with what it feels like to meet the culmination of, you shouldn't have drunk that much last night, along with the age-old fear of drunkenly messaging that same girl. . . Again. Saying that, I did notice my alcohol tolerance is a little lower (a lot lower) than it was pre-January! I felt slightly tipsy after my second, that's right SECOND beer! Dry January has turned me into such a lightweight!

Since my old foe, the hangover is back along with everything else that seems to bring, I've been on the lookout for something so soft, thick and comfortable to wear, making the hangover/embarrassment not seem so bad. This is where I came across my new hangover beating jumper from H&M. This incredibly thick grey jumper is just the best! It's so cosy I'd happily live in it! It has a thickly knitted weave and is made up of acrylic and wool (30%). Chunky ribbing effect tightens the jumper around the hem and the base of the sleeves giving that overall duvet feel.

The jumper was near enough £60 which is quite expensive for H&M, however, so worth it! I love the V-neck to this knit, it's quite small but falls so nicely on the neckline. I bought this jumper in a medium as I wanted it oversized but it's maybe a little too oversized! It's huge! Still, I'm not complaining as its exactly the way I wanted to wear it!

If you want to check this jumper out for yourself I've left the link to view the H&M jumper click here. This jumper also features across on my YouTube channel today. Go give it a watch and hear what I have to say in more detail. I know this jumper will come in useful and get me through those horrible hard, fuzzy, very hungover mornings in style.

I want to say a big thank you to this jumper for already nursing me back to health over the weekend, I'll look forward to my next hangover, as I'll get the pleasure to wear it all over again! Click here to watch my YouTube video which features this jumper plus a few other items. I also have a small chat about what I got up to throughout last week. If you're new to my channel you know what to do.


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