Happy 1st brithday to my blog! Its been a year! How did that happen?

To celebrate my year, I'll be posting something a little different. A first for my blog, as I'll be featuring a guest, and what a guest I have lined up for you all! I thought about many ways to celebrate my one year in the blogging game, but nothing really jumped out at me, until this. I thought, how good would it be to feature someone who is a style inspiration of mine? Someone who for years, I've recognised for their individualised way of dressing, not to mention their super cool unique style.

I follow a lot of cool people on Instagram, I mean who doesn't? However, one individual has always stood out from the rest, projecting his own look and going against the grain, by forging his distinctive style and photography work through Instagram. I've always thought of this guy as the manifestation of cool, and that guy is Chris John Millington.

He's the main man. I was lucky enough to meet up with him last weekend in Glasgow, therefore Chris is the focus of my one-year blog post! 

Me, Chris and his brother, John (who by the way, is one super talented photographer). Check out his website here, all spent last Saturday in Glasgow city centre, checking out what the vintage stores had to offer, and sampling Glasgow's best coffee shops. We then ended our day, surprise surprise, in the pub, where I sat down with Chris, beers in-hand and asked him a few burning questions.

By this time I forgot all about this blog post and why I actually travelled up to Scotland to meet Chris. So forgive me for the lack of photographs! It felt like I was out with a mate, not with someone I wanted to feature across on my blog for a good while now! Safe to say, we got on pretty well! Thankfully I didn't forget to fit a low key interview in, over a few pints in BrewDog of course. I did begin to type his answers up, however, when I listened to the interview back, I felt it would be cooler to let you all listen into our chat yourselves, so I've uploaded the audio into a video!

We talked about our own personal styles & looks, fashion shoots Chris has featured in, favourite places he'd visited around the world, plus the odd story too. Along with his thoughts on having to constantly adapt with the ever-changing blogging and social media world! Listening back to my recording, I'm finding it as interesting as when I was in the pub sitting oppasate him. Like I mentioned, instead of writing the interview out (which I was planning to do) I thought hearing our voices would be much more interesting and personal, than simply reading. I hope you agree! It really is worth a listen, if you're a fan of Chris, or want to find out what it's like being a social media creative, then listen at the link below! 

Click the link below to listen to my interview with Chris.

I also want to say a huge thank you all for reading my blog over the past year, it means a lot!

Here's to the future,


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