Winter is always a very scary time for your favourite pair of boots, especially if those boots are suede! You'll not need me to tell you that the typical British winter is suede's worst enemy! So how do you protect your sexy boots from what the season will throw at them? Luckily, I have a few tricks up my sleeve, to keep your suede boots looking in tip-top shape.

This week the weather is meant to take a turn for the worse, meaning that collection of suede boots, you've carefully curated and taken care of over the years will be at risk. I always try and wear a leather boot in wet conditions, but sometimes I get caught out! Meaning my suede boots take an absolute hammering, I do however, make a point of protecting and looking after my suede beauties every time I wear them.

The best piece of kit I have for this much need T.L.C, is the simple suede brush. It was only last year I bought my first, why I'd not owned one before escapes me! This cheap, easy to use tool really brings your suede back from the edge. If you sit down with your boots, and spend a little time carefully dry brushing them, then secondly massaging the suede with the reverse rubber tool, you'll see for yourself, the suede really comes up! I've owned a collection of suede boots for a very long time, however this doesn't show in their appearance, as I always invest time and effort into looking after them. No matter what colour suede your boots are, if you follow these tips your boots will look great during the last few months of winter.

Tip two- suede protector. This coats the shoe in a waterproof layer, so if you and your boots are unfortunate enough to be caught out, the waterproof layer will hopefully stop most damage happening. Tip three- colour spray, I've coated many a boot in a black suede spray. This covers any scuff marks which are too stubborn to remove with the suede brush, or any lasting damage left over after the winter. This new layer of colour gives the boot a new lease of life and makes them look brand new! 

These few simple tips make up my boot care ritual. I always stick to these three simple tips with all my suede boots. I always treat my extra special boots to one, or all of these loving processes. If you follow these tips you'll keep your boots looking good, plus you'll increase the lifetime of your go-to boots by years! I hope you've found this short post helpful, maybe it's not the most interesting, but it sure has helped me and my boot collection over the years! If you've never tried some of these tips, give them ago and treat your suede boots to some love. Do you have any unusual tips? Leave me a comment below, I'd love to hear about them. 


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