Location is always number one priority for me, I love a photograph of mine to tell a story and complement an outfit I wear. To tell you the truth, I was exhausting the locations back home, I always found myself going back to the same old places to shoot my blog posts over and over again! Sometimes this was good, other times it felt boring! I was getting tired of featuring the same walls and dilapidated buildings week in, week out! Thankfully the move has re-invigorated me to scout out and find new and fascinating locations to shoot my posts.

Thankfully Manchester city centre has so many bloody cool locations to shoot, I don't think I'll ever run out again! From old industrial revolution buildings to brand spanking new ones, Manchester city centre is a photographers dream! Although sometimes a classical white wall is all you need, I love scouting out unusual locations as it gives your photographs a unique edge.

Hopefully, you've all realised, I've managed to scout out a few cool places in the city already, some just a stone's throw away from my flat, which is always a winner! I actually spent two hours yesterday looking for locations to shoot, not only for my blog but for the brand I'm working for. It was really cool just walking around the city with only my camera, making notes and snapping possible shoot locations.

I've got to know a lot of locations, plus some of my favourite places a little better too. It also helped me figure out where everything is in Manchester as I'm still getting to grasps with the city centre, after all, it's only been three weeks since I moved here! Here's to many more cool locations!

I realise my posts haven't really been style or fashion related recently, that's due to the move and money situation! However, this Sunday I'm back talking about all things style, with the timeless indigo denim jacket.

Photographs: Rags Renewal.


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