Happy Sunday guys, tonight's post is all about where I write my blog posts. This usually takes place in my bedroom, however, if things aren't working out, I'll sometimes head out and sit in more inspiring surroundings. If I'm lucky, I'll organise, write and get my photographs on my two days off, if all goes well, this is at the beginning of the week. I also record and edit my YouTube videos in my room too, so my two days off, aren't really relaxing ones! I'm constantly thinking of new ideas for my blog, as that part of me never really switches off, but I love it.

I'm lucky enough to have a handful of really good coffee shops on my door step here in the Northern Quarter, with Fig & Sparrow literally downstairs and Foundation Coffee only a short walk away, I really am spoilt for choice if I want a caffeine fix. I feel like there's no better place to be inspired then sitting in a relaxing environment, sipping a coffee watching the world go by.

I shot these images in Foundation as this particular café has one super cool Instagramable interior. Walking here on my afternoon off is one of my favourite things to do, grab a table, sit down, open my laptop and start writing a post is something I actually really look forward too! Especially when there's a nice green tea or hot chocolate by my side as I watch the busy world pass by the window.

Recently its become a little tradition to head here after a shoot, which is awesome as myself and blogger pal Rags can sit, grab a drink and filter through our best photographs. This is a great way to work together, as you are able to view and 'favourite' the photos you want to feature, and start thinking about and plan an exciting post. We have the blogging game down, as I always say, if you're reading this and think its a good idea, come along and join! Just give me a shout!

As I've already mentioned Foundation Coffee's sweet interior, you really can't not shoot the obligatory 'look I'm in Foundation Coffee' shot in one of their bathrooms. You've probably seen this a thousand times and even the odd one or two on my Instagram feed, but, everyone does it! Hey, why not, it always makes for a cool photograph agreed?

So there you go, that's my blog writing post routine. I just think sitting in a nice environment really helps with creativity and writing, especially when you're stuck or uninspired, it's nice to get out and watch the world go by with a coffee in hand. Where are the places you find inspirational? Let's share those secrets. Check this weeks chatty YouTube video out by clicking the link below.

Photographs Rags Renewal


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