So yesterday marked my first month in Manchester and what an experience I've had so far! I've met a lot of cool people over the last four weeks and like to think I've made a few good friends too! In my short time in the city, I've started my new job, experienced my first gig, not to mention the bizarre turn of events that ended in my friend and I DJing one of my favourite indie bars in town. I still, don't know how we blagged that!

I seem to have achieved quite a lot so far and I know I've got a lot more to look forward too! Through collaborating with bloggers and photographers, I've managed to make a lot of new friends. Thankfully, everyone here is so nice, which has made me feel very welcome, very fast. Being surrounded by so much originality and individualism, makes you feel very positive and motivated! Manchester is just a hub of creativity!

I'd like to think I'm settling in fine, I remember saying before I moved, that "I hope Manchester is kind to me", and so far, it really has been! I was pretty worried before moving down about making friends, however, this thankfully hasn't been hard as I'd initially thought. After a few weekends spent socialising in the Northern Quarter I've managed to get to know quite a few people! Saying that you'd find it hard not bumping into others that share similar interests, especially in fashion and music and style! A big thank-you to all you Mancunian's for being so friendly and making an effort to come over and say hi, you've all made me feel very welcome!

Work is also going pretty well, I've begun mastering a handful of new computer programmes, which may I add, I've never worked on before! I feel that I'm improving every day and my video editing skills on Final Cut Pro are finally improving (the first week was the polar opposite believe me!) After three weeks of persistence, I'm getting the nack of things! I'm really proud of what I've produced so far, it would mean a lot if you could check out my style videos across on YouTube.

You can now get your hands on Phix Clothings new Union Jack Scarf I'm wearing in the photographs above, click the link to get a closer look over on their website - Phix Clothing.

Here's a video I made of the SS18 shirt preview. You can also check out the other videos I've made for the brand by searching Phix Clothing on YouTube.

Shirt: The Kooples (sport)
Jeans: All Saints
Scarf: Phix Clothing
Sunglasses: Asos
Boots: The Kooples


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