The weather here in Manchester has finally taken a turn for the better! After a freezing couple of weeks, the current weather we’re all experiencing could even be classed as spring-like. Finally, we all can lose those large thick coats and bring out those lighter styles. This is exactly what I saw the other day, as I was walking down the high street. A guy passed me wearing a light blue denim jacket, which looked so bloody cool, he sort of inspired me to write this post. So if you’re out there, cheers pal!

This guy was wearing the denim jacket so well, it looked so effortlessly cool! I’ve not seen anyone in just a denim for what feels like such a long time! It was nice to see its reappearance worn alone and not hidden underneath a thick, bulky winter coat! He was sporting a Levi Trucker jacket that he'd buttoned all the way to the top, styled with black skinny jeans and paired with some killer black leather boots. I’ve not worn my indigo denim jacket since last autumn, his outfit inspired me to go dig my denim out from the back of my wardrobe and style it up for spring.

I own a few colours of denim jacket, but I thought I’d feature the classic blue denim in today's post as it’s the standard colour I personally think everyone should own at least one of. A quality denim jacket is a wardrobe essential, as it comes in so handy throughout every season in the year. Worn casually, or dressed up, a denim jacket can be styled for any occasion.

As you can see, inspired by the denim jacket stranger, I’ve styled my jacket up in a very similar way. My trusty black jeans and boots create a laid-back, relaxed look without sacrificing any of that much needed cool. I wore the jacket with a simple scoop neck T-shirt, which I always think works! Black or grey being my favourite two colours to wear with an indigo blue jacket. Buttoned up or worn open, a denim jacket can be so versatile, I always make sure one sleeve is unbuttoned to achieve that ultimate laid-back look.

The jacket I’m wearing in the photographs above is a denim I bought a few seasons ago from All Saints, I have however tracked down a selection of similar jackets online, which you can check out by watching this week's YouTube video. Where I talk a little more about my personal collection of denim jackets, click below to watch it and don’t forget to subscribe if you’re new.


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