Hey guys, hope you've all had a great weekend! Today's post is quite a short one, as I've literally just written it! (I know, pressure!) That, plus a huge hangover definitely doesn't make the best combination for writing, I can tell you that! After another crazy busy weekend here in Manchester, this has been my only chance to sit down and type up this post. Luckily I managed to get these killer photographs yesterday, when I met up with the super cool CJ and Georgie who jointly own and blog for @girlsclub.co.uk

I want to split what I have to say between this post and Wednesday's post, as I have a lot of photographs to share with you all. We shot content for our personal blogs, before moving onto shooting content for The Girls Club, styling pieces from Phix's menswear collection. You'll have to stay tuned to find out what that's all about this Wednesday, where you'll also find this weeks YouTube video (sorry it isn't tonight!)

Anyway, back to today's post, I've not written and shot a classic outfit post for so long! I thought it would be the perfect post to create this weekend when meeting the girls. So with that in mind, I dove into my wardrobe and picked out an outfit that I bloody love to wear! I really believe it sums up my personal style perfectly. As well as encompassing a few of my signature pieces.

As you can see this outfit involves my go-to black skinny jeans, classic black leather biker jacket and, because it has been snowing pretty much all weekend here, a black turtleneck for that much needed warmth! I did however, give the outfit a slight twist by adding a short sleeve shirt on top of the roll neck to give that extra dimension and adding one of my personal favourite prints. Of course not forgetting my trusty hat and for yet another added detail, my silver chain mail scarf and collection of jewellery for the ultimate rock and roll touch!

I chose this look as I think it shows people who I really am, I feel this collection of clothes and accessories project my very own individual style at its best! Plus in the back my mind I wore it to try and impress two bloody cool girls I'd not met before! I wanted to create a good impression! Secrets out!

A big shout to CJ and Georgie for meeting me this weekend, I had an absolute blast with you two and hopefully you've enjoyed your weekend here in Manchester too! Stay tuned for Wednesdays post which I think you'll all find very interesting featuring the girls.

Check the girl's blog by clicking here: The Girls Club

Plus their personal Uber cool Instagram accounts here:
CJ: @cjcarpenter
Georgie: @georgiephillippa


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