I’ve never owned a designer pair of sunglasses before, so I thought it was about time I treat myself. I’ve had the same pair of sunglasses now for the past seven years, well technically not the exact same pair (I’ll tell you the story) but the same brand and design. I’ve always loved my old sunglasses, they’ve been to and seen a lot of places around the world with me. Unfortunately last month my luck with that pair finally ran out when they broke.

My old pair of sunglasses had been through a lot, the unluckiest time in their lives was being lost in New York. Three years ago while running for a taxi on a drunken night out, they had fallen out my jacket pocket, I was devastated when I realised, never thinking I’d get them back. When I returned home I managed to find another pair on eBay! Which was a stroke of luck as these sunglasses were a really old All Saints design. Saying that, the pair I came across on eBay actually came from New York. Knowing my luck I probably bought back my lost pair some American found on the roadside! Nevertheless I got them (sort of) back, one way or another.

Last year, my second unlucky incident happened when the right arm of the glasses fell off  in a car park, the tiny screw holding the arm had just vanished. This couldn’t be the end of my favourite pair of glasses! So I spend twenty minutes on my hands & knees looking for the screw underneath my car. I actually found the screw, still to this day I don't know how. The screw was TINY! They’ve spend the last year permanently open as I stupidly glued the screw back in, meaning the arms wouldn't fold back. CLASSIC. What I'm trying to say is, these glasses have been through a lot, they've been my favourites for years and I’ve found it hard letting them go.

Choosing a new pair was going to be hard, I spent a long time looking online, trying to find the perfect pair. I knew the shape I wanted, as in my opinion there's only one style that suits my face -aviators. The problem with viewing online is that you just don't know what they'd look like on your face. Every other item or garment you can buy online you have a rough idea of the fit and shape, but with sunglasses it’s a struggle.

As I was going to London, I knew this would be the perfect time to look for a pair of killer shades in store. I tried vintage shops, I tried market stalls but in my heart I knew I wanted a designer pair. When people say “they're just sunglasses", “just get some cheap ones”, I never really want to follow their advice. I understand where they're coming from, I mean look at what I put my others through. But I don't think you can beat a pair of designer shades. When you try a pair of Dior sunglasses on you just know, they look and feel so BLOODY cool, a world away from your high street brands.

I decided to visit the Sunglasses Hut, as I know they offer a wide range of designer sunglasses all in one place. There was a large selection of killer sunglasses, everything from Dior to Prada, which I spent my sweet time trying on in store! As soon as you put a designer pair on, you can tell instantly they're quality, I know they’re just plastic, and maybe its more psychological, but I believe you can tell the difference.

The sunglasses I narrowed it down to were a stylish pair of Gucci aviators. One in tortoise shell and the other plain black. I must have then tried those two pairs on at least a five times comparing the two, with hat, without hat, with hat, without hat. Eventually I rooted for the black pair as I think they will go with everything plus you can’t get cooler than a pair of jet black shades. They're very Rock & Roll.

The Gucci glasses are a wide aviator style with a dark green lens which are housed in a black acetate frame. They have matte black rubber arms and come in the most AMAZING velvet hard case. You also get to choose the colour of the box, so I went for the bright burgundy. The case itself is super cool it has a satin lining an comes with a satin pouch all of the same colour to keep your glasses safe. There also is a microfibre cloth included in the box to keep your glasses looking tip top. These sunglasses have UVA/UVB protection which is really important to prevent your eyes being damaged by the harmful rays from the sun.

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