The heat, the music, the fashion, these three words embody the essence of Coachella festival. This is my third time attending the festival and once again it didn't disappoint! Coachella really is the best festival in the world. Everything about the whole experience is perfect. They really know how to hold an amazing festival, year in year out.

Everyone at Coachella is so friendly, that's one of the main things you notice straight away. You can strike up a conversation with anyone, no matter what.  Social boundaries and restrictions of how to act are immediately dropped the moment you walk onto the green grass of the polo field. The excitement of finally being there and walking in is like nothing I've ever felt. You can sense the excitement in the air as every so often you hear a "HAPPY COACHELLA" being shouted out loud at passers by.

People all coming together and meeting their new friends for the the best weekend of their year. Everyone there is on a high, finally the time has come to be at the place they've been wanting to be all year. It's like waiting to open your presents on Christmas Day, that's the only way I can describe how it feels. The cars also get in on the act, all being hand decorated with paint, stickers, slogans and pretty much everything else you can stick on to the outside, you know you're close to the festival when you see more and more decorated cars.

The lineup is always killer, Coachella over the past few have introduced me to some of my all time favourite acts! I've never been lucky enough to go to weekend one, until this year. I bought my tickets back in June last year and I've been especially excited ever since. As people say "the grass is always greener on weekend one" I guess this is because of more surprise acts and special guests perform on the first weekend, plus the crowds of celebrities that also attend.

The three times I've been lucky enough to go I've always camped at the festival or should I say "glamped" around Lake Eldorado. This is the best thing to do if you want to immerse yourself into the Coachella experience. Eldorado is the dreamiest setting imaginable!

It's such a great place to stay over the weekend of the festival, plus you actually get to sleep under the desert stars. Every morning you literally wake up in the best place in the world, peek out of your teepee door in the early morning to see the sun shining and glistening of the turquoise blue lake and stunning mountains in the background. It's a pretty good way to start a day! It is a little pricy, but this is the highlight of my year, this is what I look forward to and save for all year around, so I do it properly.

This, as you may of seen on Instagram, was my day one outfit. Well where do I start, ha! I may or may not have found my inspiration from the African Child music video, where Russell Brand dresses up as, in his words, an African space christ. Coachella is a place where you can wear anything you want, so I thought why not. It's actually an Indian wedding costume known as a Kurta. The top and bottoms were actually super light and being white in colour, it was a well thought out outfit, as I was quite cool all day in the thirty five degree heat of the Californian sunshine. I also chose to wear this outfit because in my opinion it looked BLOODY COOL. Paired with my Gucci sunglasses and the jacket worn open with necklaces and bracelets I think I did Brand, even Jesus himself justice.

I've edited together a video of day one, that I hope you'll like, this is the ultimate taster to see what Coachella is all about. Keep checking back to see my video and post of day two and three of the festival in the up and coming days.


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