Before I jetted off on my travels I wanted to scout out some really cool places to eat, especially to grab a quick coffee and breakfast. The coolest place I came across online was called MR. HOLMES BAKEHOUSE. As soon as I saw the photographs of their mouth watering pastries, I knew I had to pay them a visit when I was out in LA. Here's what I thought . . .

As you can see, I'm not lying about their sexy looking pastries. They had a selection of the best around, all handmade in store. I went for the apple pie which was the sweetest, stickiest pastry I've ever had! It had the biggest gooiest chunks of apple in the centre, topped with toffee sauce, it was the apple pie of my dreams! I washed it down with a cold coffee, which set me up for a morning of adventures around North Hollywood.

I've mentioned this before, that a place is not classed as cool nowadays if it doesn't feature an obligatory neon sign. I think MR. HOLMES has come up with the coolest neon I have ever seen. In fact the whole bakery is like that, it oozes contemporary cool. This bakery is simply the coolest & tastiest place around. They have two bakeries on the west coast, this one in LA, and another in San Fransisco, they also have a bakery in Orange County and Seoul.

The bakery is a stand alone building, all painted white. Once inside it's an instagrammers paradise, with coffee, pastries and neon lights all in one place. I defy you not to take a bad photograph in this place. Even the bags which the delicious pastries come in, match the interior aesthetic of the store, this place knows how to be cool. Customers travel from all around to taste the delectable confections MR. HOLMES produce. It's a super place to grab a coffee, hang out, and a must visit if you're ever craving something sweet and sugary in LA.


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