Coachella day three, the day you feel the most disgusting, burnt, and tired. But wait, you're still at Coachella, you've got one final amazing day full of music left. Sunday was the day I had looked forward to most. Artists such as Bon Iver, Lorde, Hanz Zimmer and Jack Garratt were on the line up, plus many more that I had been so desperate to see live on the final day.

Since it was our final day, we decided to get tickets for the famous Coachella ferris wheel, something you must do whilst at the festival! The previous two years when I've visited Coachella, the wheel was a hot, old and if I'm being honest a little tired, don't get me wrong it was still amazing, but you could tell it had been around a few times! This year organisers had introduced a brand new wheel. With air conditioned carriages, super cool seats and perfectly clear windows, to enjoy the most amazing view of the festival! It's a little bigger than the old one too, towering even higher over the lush polo fields. It's the iconic symbol of the Coachella landscape.

My day three outfit was hard choice, as it was the hottest day we had experienced so far. Instead of getting ready in the early morning, when the temperature was cooler, we left later, and had to get ready in the tropical conditions of our teepee at eleven o'clock. BAD IDEA!

After much deliberation, I eventually chose a shirt that I had surprisingly picked up in the women's section of H&M. Personally I think this shirt can be worn by guys too. It's a straight cut, rock and roll leopard print pattern. I originally set out to buy a similar shirt from All Saints, but after seeing this in H&M I felt it was a better all round shirt than the one I had seen in A.S. The price wasn't so much a factor but instead of paying £80 the H&M shirt came in at just £17.99 BARGAIN!

I've not mentioned one of the best things about the festival yet. The food. The food line up is nearly as strong as their music line up! It's a world away from your stereotypical UK festival food. It's visible immediately that the fresh, clean eating from LA has made the two hour trip to the desert, along with the thousands of music fans from the city. Everything from Taiwanese cuisine, to freshly made acai bowls, Coachella has everything your stomach desires.

Your usual pizza, burgers and ice cream can also be found on the polo field but once again, they're nothing like the British counterpart. These classic festival dishes are all handmade with care, with fresh ingredients and are all beautifully presented, they wouldn't look out of place in a top restaurant, never mind a festival. Coachella really ace their food game, year in, year out!

Click the link below to see my last day at Coachella.


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