Searching for a coffee shop in London is pretty easy most of the time, as theres virtually one on every street corner. The Grind coffee shop is a little different to most, of course their coffee is amazing, that's a given, but it also breaks with tradition.

I came across The Grind in Holborn whilst exploring, the last time I was in London. Holborn Grind is a effortlessly cool cafe, it's interior is extremely 'instagramable' plus it’s a great place to simply sit, and relax with your coffee, whilst watching the busy world go by. Holborn Grind is a street level coffee shop, with two enormous windows, so you get a great view of the hustle and bustle of London.

The counter of the coffee shop itself is very hip, with its interlocking hexagon tile design, which continues around the room. The reclaimed brass shelves above the counter, are suspended from the ceiling, inspired by a vintage London cocktail trolley which is a sweet touch. 

It seems that, in order for a shop to be classed as “trendy” they must now display an obligatory neon sign, Holborn grind is no exception to this. With their killer pink neon sign hanging at the bottom of the room. Their “love is the drug” sign, is on an exposed brick wall giving that whole area a misty pink glow. It's such a popular place to hang out, you may even have to make a reservation.

Holborn Grind is a coffee shop throughout the day and cocktail bar after six. As they state inside “when the wifi is turned off we put the laptops away and bring the cocktails out”. Thats my kind of coffee shop! When shopping in London you're probably no further than a fifteen minute journey from a Grind cafe, as they have 9 dotted throughout the city.

Shoreditch Grind: photograph The Grind London.

I visited in early morning, so unfortunately it was still a little early for one of their famous espresso martini’s, even by my standards. If you want a super cool coffee shop, which serves awesome coffee and a little more, look no further than The Grind.
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