Hello, today I’ll be talking about two pairs of Cuban heel boots. If you don't know yet, I am a MASSIVE fan of the o'l Cuban heels. They have the point of a winkle picker and the styling of a Chelsea boot with that added tapered heel at the back, giving you a little extra hight. I’ll be putting them against each other in a Cuban heel battle. The first pair I'm going to talk about are from Topman and the second sexy pair are from Asos. I’ll be comparing these two recent purchases, everything from the styling of the boot, to the comfort, telling you which pair are my favourite.

The first boot in question I bought from Topman. I came across these boots online, as soon as I saw them I knew I wanted them in my ever growing collection. These boots initially caught my eye as they reminded me of a similar pair of Saint Laurent boots from last summer. The SS16 Saint Laurent collection was so rock & roll! It was a KILLER collection of the coolest garments and shoes I've ever seen! I remember the boots having quite the price tag at cool £700. I was very close in buying the YSL boots but when I saw the Topman pair they actually changed my mind!



Topman this year have come to the rescue, selling pretty much identical boots! I mean they are very similar. It’s pretty obvious Topman have been inspired by the YSL boots from SS16. That is what the high street is great about, recreating or taking the best bits from the catwalk and selling it on the high street. This means I get a pair of boots which look virtually identical to the YSL beauties for a fraction of the price! £85 to be exact.

The boots are a black suede with a harness strap on the outside of each shoe. The strap is held together with a brushed silver circle pinned to the boot with a simple metal stud. The similarities to the YSL shoe are crazy, I’ve aded a photograph above of the YSL boots, so you can see for yourself what I’m talking about. The front of the boot has a western cowboy touch, with it’s cut out triangular shape. The fit of the boots are snug, I got the size 10 and they fit just right, to be honest a little too right, but I think when I wear the boots in and the suede begins to soften they will be really comfortable. They have a rubber sole so the boots are easy and comfortable to walk in, with a running stitch around the boot fastening the base to the upper. They have a simple black zip running down the inside of the boot, making it easy to get in and out of. To view these boots online click here.

The second boot in question is from Asos. Surprisingly I’ve never purchased anything from Asos before. The Cuban heel boots I chose are in fact their own brand boots. The boots coming in at £55 were also a great price £30 cheaper than the Topman boots!

When I unboxed the boots I was surprised, the boots actually looked better in real life than online. The boots are jet black leather but the BEST thing about these boots is the David Bowie - esc inspired lightening bolt! It’s super cool, I’ve only ever seen the classic U shaped elastic insert but the lightening bolt shape is so unusual, it instantly struck (no pun intended) me straight away. For an own brand Asos boot, I was very impressed.


The boot is 100% real leather with a thick heel, they also have pull tabs on the top of the boots, so they're easy to put on. I love the styling of these boots, they’re really different to anything I’ve seen before. These boots are very rock and roll, from the pointed front to lightening bolt insert, which really sets the boot off from the rest. They are on my feet as I write this blog and have an attitude about them. They really are a very sexy pair of boots!

The delivery of the boots was really quick coming the next day! I had heard Asos delivery was good, but that quick! Another point to Asos. I do have a favourite pair, but to find out which ones they are, you'll have to check out my YouTube channel. I know, I’m a total tease. To view these lightening flash beauties online click here. To check out my YouTube video on both these sexy boots click and watch below.


  1. Just bought the asos boots 2 days ago and they arrived today in USA! Asos is amazing!

    1. Awesome mate, how cool are they! Love the lightening bolt detail it makes the boot doesn't!

  2. Do you use wide fit or regular fit? Love your blog btw I read and I watch all your content. Long live to Rock ‘N’ Roll