I’m a massive fan of the classic biker jacket as your about to find out in this blog. I have quite a few in my wardrobe! A biker jacket is my go to piece if I'm in a rush to get ready, white T-shirt, biker jacket, black skinny jeans and a sexy pair of boots, you can’t go wrong. I think everyone needs to own at least one quality biker jacket in their wardrobe and this is why.

The biker jacket was first worn in WW2 as this was the basic uniform of pilots and the military. Favoured by motorcyclists the jacket was worn in action for warmth and durability. This is where the biker jacket story began. After WW2 the returning service men took their jackets with them. When people back home started seeing these jackets they wanted a piece of the action too.

The jacket really started to gain popularity and was redesigned by Harley Davison. This war time uniform was the template for his classic biker design which was swiftly adopted by the biker community. This was the start of the jackets chapter of rebellion. 

In the late 1950’s Marlon Brando cemented the jackets cool by wearing one in a lead roll on the silver screen. Other celebrities such as Steve McQueen and Elvis then followed suit wearing the biker. Lets face it, after people that iconic wear something, you know it’s going to be a timeless piece.


In my opinion you can't beat a smooth, black, quality leather. This is the newest to my collection. It only got delivered last week and I've absolutely fallen in love with it! The quality, the colour, the attention to detail on the jacket, and the way it fits. Everything about the jacket is perfect!

This jacket has got a shine to it, the lambs leather is so super smooth it looks polished. All the buttons and zips are silver and all branded with the name or the logo of The Kooples. This jacket is now number one in my wardrobe and I know it's going to last me a lifetime. This jacket is pure rock 'n' roll! It oozes style and cool. It's the classic biker jacket, with press stud lapels, epaulettes and a collar you can stick up to gain even more attitude. It's my dream jacket! I also love the silver fastening buckles on the torso and the zip that doesn't just stop on the front, but zips around to the bottom of the jacket. It's the little things!

As soon as I throw on one of my leathers I feel different, I sense that rebellion, I feel the jackets weight on my shoulders. I know it’s story through time and fashion, and I feel like I can take on the world. The cool, the attitude running through my veins. I promise you, if you find a jacket that fits you and your style perfectly, you can feel this too.

It’s been a sign of rebellion for decades, it’s a signature rock & roll piece and has been adopted by the cool kids of the past generations. Leather biker jackets will never go out of style, especially bikers, they are here to stay. A true timeless design.

A handful of my leather jackets are from All Saints, working there for seven years. I've built up quite the collection. The first biker I bought is still the one I get most wear out of today. It’s a classic dark leather biker which has a quilted pattern across the shoulders. It has four pockets on the front with ball baring zips. It’s a heavy jacket with the classic biker opening which is fixed by press studs.  

I think All Saints is summed up by their leather jackets. It’s a piece you notice straight away, something they've always sold and reflects the brand perfectly. If you've not got a leather biker I’d say you don't have to look any further than All saints for your first quality, stylish leather.

I also own a biker jacket that isn't dark in colour, SURPRISE, I know! This jacket is the first garment I ever bought from Zara. As soon as I saw this jacket I really liked it's styling. Zara's women range is a crucial part of any girls wardrobe but I have always thought the male fashion range lagged behind, until recently. Over the past two years Zara has produced more and more clothes that have caught my attention. It's not a type of jacket I normally go for, as the colour isn't what I'd normally choose, but I think it looks cool nevertheless.

I'm lucky to own a fair few of leathers from The Kooples, my FAVOURITE brand. This brand is awesome! If you've not heard of them before, I strongly recommend you to visit their online store! The Kooples is a French brand that base their range of clothes on sharing between couples. The three brothers who set up the brand first got the idea when they all talked about how they borrowed clothes from their partners. How they interchanged and mixed up the clothes in one communal wardrobe.

Their clothes have always been inspired by British style. You can also see how music inspires their designs as a lot of their garments are very rockstar. They feature real couples in their advertising campaigns, which makes the brand more relatable as you want to find out who the couples are, what’s their story and how they met. Not to mention the couples who advertise the brand are the epitome of cool! They are the ideal couples. Couple goals! The clothes they produce are like nothing I’ve seen before, they are the coolest around in my opinion and their attention to detail is unrivalled.

I’ve styled this jacket from The Kooples in my latest style video on my Youtube channel. Link below to check it out.

Photography: Adam Barnsley Photography. 


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