2017 has been an awesome year for music. I've loved some of the albums that have been released over the past twelve months, a few impartiular so much, I've decided to put this post together, sharing all my top picks. I've chosen a handful of albums that have stood out from the rest, along with some of my new favourite artists I've discovered over this past year too.

I'll kick things off with the latest vinyl I was kindly given for Christmas, the brand new album by god-like genius Mr Noel Gallagher.

'Who Built The Moon' sees Noel back where he belongs entering the chart at number 1. As Noel himself said "The top of the charts  . . . this is where I fucking live." Noel also broke a record with 'Who Build The Moon' scoring his tenth chart-topping studio album. I've also heard Noel say on many a chat show or interview, he feels this is the best album he's ever produced.

The album starts with a huge opener then it's straight into business with another fast-paced second tune 'Holy Mountain' which hits you with a bang. The album's title track 'The Man Who Built The Moon' is another personal favourite of mine, which sounds very Oasis like, with the music dropping out in parts just leaving Noel's vocals, love it!

'Dead In The Water' has to be my number one song on the album. Which I heard Noel say in an interview with Russell Brand, that he didn't even know he was being recorded whilst he sang. He was just messing around in between songs on a radio station when he started to sing. It wasn't even meant to be on the album and it was a song he wrote in fifteen minutes flat. Pretty good if you ask me, especially for a bonus track!

Since I've been listening to Noel a lot recently, his second album 'Chasing Yesterday' came back into my everyday playlist, that's why it was also ended up on my Christmas list too. I don't even know why I didn't get this tremendous album back when it was released in 2015, however now with that big mistake corrected, everything is forgotten. This album has got me through many blue Monday morning and I know will see me through many more. What an album it is!

Francis and The Lights.

A guy who before this year, I'd not heard of at all, but going into the New Year has quickly become one of my favourite artists of all time! Watching him at Coachella back in April, he was one of my stand out performers from the weekend. His stage presence, incredible dance moves and songs are mind-blowing!

He was Radio 1's record of the week back in October, this generated a lot of hype around him over here in the U.K but I still feel his following needs to be so much bigger than it already is, this guy is purely brilliant! A lot of people said his sound reminded them of Peter Gabriel. If you've not heard this guy, I couldn't recommend him more, if there's only one thing you do today, check this guy out!

Sadly Francis doesn't do physical copies of his work, meaning, unfortunately, no vinyl or even Cd's! I know, bummer! All his music can only be bought exclusively on digital download. He's far too cool to be an easily accessible recording artist! Highlights of the album Farewell Starlite include 'See Her Out (That's Just Life)', 'May I Have This Dance' and 'Friends' Featuring Bon Iver.

His gig for me probably ties in the first place as the best show I saw live in 2017. (I'll tell you who ties with Francis next.)


Of course, I had to mention these rock 'n roll sisters. This was the band who after a five-year wait, I eventually got to see at Leeds festival. Seeing the band perform live from the front barrier was one of the best gig experiences I've ever had! After releasing their second album in the summer the girls were officially back. It had been a while since their first album 'Days are gone' back in 2013 but after that long break, they came back with one killer album.

I'd say the best music video of the year has to go to Haim for 'Right now', It's so simple yet so emotional, it has it all, you can see exactly how the band works in the studio like a well-oiled machine. You get to hear everything, from the heavy guitar strum's and riffs, single drum beats to the static bristling through and crackling the speakers.

It's filmed all in one single shot, you get to see the girls walk around the room playing and picking up every instrument featured. If you've not seen it, it's well worth four minutes of your life! Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson it's one of my favourite videos of the year, so clean, so uncomplicated and sounds so clear. It just works!

Click here to view 'Right Now' music video.


Another artist I was lucky enough to catch at Leeds festival, and what a performance it was! Watching Halsey perform right in front of the stage was amazing. I've seen her once before when she was performing her 'Badlands' album but never when performing her new 'Hopeless Fountain Kingdom' album and what a treat that was!

She mixed her old songs with new and put on one of the best shows Leeds festival saw that weekend. Halsey even came down to the pit during the gig to stand on the barrier right in front of the crowd exactly where I was standing to sing 'Bad At Love' another huge song from her new album.

Halsey's songs are always massive, feeling at times even cinematic telling stories from her past, or heartfelt moments from her life. Her songs are made for huge venues like festivals as the bass you get from her songs are like nothing I've ever felt before. 

Her songs are always very dramatic, paired with her stage presence she's one bloody awesome performer, considering she's only 23 Halsey will go along way in the future. As soon as you hear that voice, her vocals will cut through you and are truly haunting. She's one bloody cool girl well worth a listen. To hear one of my top tracks from the album being performed live click here.

I hope you check out some of my recommendations and I'd love to know what you think. Likewise, if you have any artists or bands you think I'd like, hit me up and comment below, with your highlights of 2017.


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