A new month calls for a new shirt and this one certainly doesn't disappoint. I've never had a snakeskin print shirt in the wardrobe before, so this shirt is a welcome addition. As soon as I spotted it, I knew I had to bring it home with me, I mean, it's right up my street!

The shirt is made from viscose which is very soft and smooth against the skin. I went for my usual size of a small, however, this is a little longer than I was expecting. I tend to wear shirts like this tucked in, so the extra length of this shirt doesn't really come across in the photographs.

This shirt cost £25.99 and looks very cool considering it's such a reasonable price. This straight flowing 100% viscose shirt looks super cool when paired with some black skinny jeans. (A classic pairing of mine with any shirt.) The long sleeves show its unusual snakeskin pattern off to its full potential and looks ace on. It has a classic button up front with two buttons on each sleeve.

Keeping an outfit monotone is something I personally think looks very rock 'n' roll, it's just the look I always seem to gravitate towards. If you could take a look inside my wardrobe you'd see for yourself, a selection of clothing with a carefully chosen colour theme running throughout.

Colour is key when it comes to choosing a new item of clothing, whatever that item may be. It has to fit in with my overall look. The colours in this shirt are a mix of an off-white, black and a cement grey, which makes the snakeskin motif very prominent. This shirt fits my wardrobe and style perfectly.

I knew the shirt would look killer underneath a black biker, that whole animal print and leather look never lets me down. Snakeskin is such an eye catching print, some people might be but off a little from wearing it, but I can assure you it always looks awesome!

I added my lightening flash Cuban boots to the outfit as this choice of shoe complemented the leather biker. I also added an understated black fur belt along with my black skinny jeans. My rings and necklaces as per usual also played a part in the look, making the overall impression a touch more personal. Not forgetting the trusty hat!

If you click the link at the bottom of my post you'll be able to see that even this shirt on the model looks slightly longer. It says online that the model is wearing a large, but in my opinion, there's no way it's large. As I said, I rooted for the small and even I felt that was a little bigger than normal, I'm pretty much the same size as the guy on Zara's website, but I'd be swallowed up by a large. If you're a similar size and build to me you'll be fine with a small, but if you're bigger I'd maybe consider a size down, even though the shirt states it's a regular fit.

Shop the shirt click here.

If you want to see this shirt in more detail you'll be able to catch it on my YouTube channel this Sunday, alongside another purchase of mine. Stay tuned.

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