I can't quite believe it, I've eventually found the holy grail of jackets I've been searching high and low for, for the past three years! That's correct, this leather and I have met before, but sadly the last time I laid eyes on it, it wasn't meant to be. Looking back, it really did feel as if it was one of the worst decisions I'd ever made, leaving this guy on the shelf and believe me, I regretted it!

This jacket hit The Kooples back in SS14 and was originally an eye-watering £735, it did, however, go into the sale, but I use the word bargain very loosely, as it still cost £350 if I remember correctly. This is where I missed the jacket the first and second time, finally realising my mistake and wishing for a lucky third chance to finally get my hands on it.

I asked stores, outlet stores and even emailed the brand, that's how much I craved owning this jacket, but sadly nothing, no one could track one down. That's until finally, my luck changed, only last week! I'd found it! I'd actually come by a brand new leather, it wasn't just a jacket that had been knocking around for a few years, this one was a perfect, brand new and unworn, its the jacket of my actual dreams and I've been lucky enough to spot it for the third time!

I found this killer jacket across on eBay and safe to say it's my eBay buy of the year, actually forget that, I'm going to say it's my best eBay buy of all time! I haggled a little with the seller and got it down to £175. A 76% saving from the original price. How could I not buy it this time? I couldn't believe I'd found it. When the jacket arrived it still had the wrapping paper around the buckles on the two sides, literally, it hadn't been worn once!

It's me in jacket form, it has the whole rock 'n roll package, the zips the silver metal studs and the darted collar all make for a phenomenal looking jacket! Even down to the badges emblazoned upon it. It's like no other biker jacket I've seen before. I'm even thinking about adding a few of my own badges to this jacket to really personalise it to me.

But why aren't I wearing it, I hear you ask? Well, simply . . . I'm not allowed. As it's so close to Christmas my parents have kindly offered to buy it for me, but that means one thing, its put away until Christmas day. Fair is fair, but I can't wait to put this baby on my shoulders next week. What a present!

I'll hopefully get to show you more of the jacket soon!


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