I'm writing this on a cold Monday morning, and I'm stuck for inspiration. Some weeks it comes naturally and others its something I just can't muster. As much as I love writing my blog, there are days where I struggle to come up with quality content because I'm stuck in an inspiration rut! However, I always persist and give it a bloody good shot, making sure there's something new out there for all you to read on my blog or watch on my YouTube channel.

My Monday mornings like pretty much everyone are sometimes an up hill struggle. It's hard to kick off the week when feeling uninspired, especially in the blogging game! I'm sitting here now typing away at my dining room table and if I tell you the truth, I'm stuck!

So, what do I do? How do I get myself out that rut? First things first, music. Music is a game changer as well as being a mood changer, it wakes you up, gets you back where you need to be, it can change your outlook in the click of a finger. If you choose a song or playlist you love, you're sure to get your much need mojo back on track. By simply pressing play you've made it over the first hurdle! 'Lock All The Doors' by Noel Gallagher now plays in the background. Getting things done, seems that little easier and obtainable now.

Next up is Pinterest, believe it or not, this gives me a lot of inspiration. However, I do have to set a strict time limit, as I can't spend my full morning looking through endless images of 70's rockstars and Carnaby Street fashions. Trust me, time can really run away with you when you're sat on Pinterest.

Rock and roll printed shirts worn by Kieth Richards are now engraved into my retina. With that look in the forefront of my mind, I move on to searching for some of my very own by having a good look through my favourite high street and designer websites. Looking through their 'New In' sections keeps me up-to-date with everything that's come out since the last time I looked. This always gives me a lot of ideas on what to feature across on my blog. Not to mention I get to do a spot of shopping, which always seems to cure those Monday morning blues.

So, the music is on, I have the photographs of my icons still fresh in my mind and hopefully, by now I've spotted something to talk to you all about. Another HUGE source of inspiration of mine are fellow bloggers and my Instagram pals. I love nothing more than catching up on all my favourite blogs Monday morning as well as having a good ol' scroll through Instagram, with a strong dark coffee by myside.

I get so many ideas from the people I choose to follow, they inspire me every day, giving me new and fresh ways to wear items or giving me the push to try something I've never worn before. Instagram gets a lot of negativity thrown towards it sometimes, but for inspiring people with pictures, you've got to admit, nothing comes close.

If my inspiration is at an all-time low and sometimes it is, I have my 'break glass for positivity book'. Ever since I started my blog I've been recording all the good things, comments, messages and the like. No matter how small that positive thing is, it gets written in the book. I've kept this little space in the back of my diary open for every positive thing that's ever happened to me and my blog.

From the smallest things to the biggest, they're all listed and dated with a small sentence written opposite, of what occurred. Every kind word, nod in my direction, to even the things I've managed to achieve myself, is all written in the back of my diary. (Monday 11th of December - Arse not frozen by sitting on a wall of ice.)

This is a huge help every so often when things are really not going my way and it's now quite sizable! I look back and see the things I've accomplished in the ten months of having my blog and think, "You know what, I will carry on!" Plus the odd DM of support which does happen to slide into my inbox, doesn't go amiss either ha! They really mean a lot, it gives me the confidence and drive to carry on!

What I'm trying to say is we all get inspiration from each other. Ideas, motivation, encouragement, enthusiasm and vision are things we all need to share a little more often with one another. We all need to be more vocal about it. If you like something someone is making or creating tell them about it! If you don't they'll never know, and if you do, you'll make their day! It might even make it into their 'break glass for positivity book', you never know do you?

Keep sharing, keep creating, spread the love and tell someone about it!


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