How cold is the weather right now? I'll answer that for you, IT'S BLOODY FREEZING! I mean it really is, as I was writing this post this morning I glanced over at my iPhone noticing it was still zero degree's outside and that was at 11am! By the looks of things, the cold weather is now here to stay! So with that in mind, I've decided to go all out and buy myself a very thick, very chunky faux fur coat.

I can tell you now that this coat is by far the warmest and most comfortable coat I've ever owned. It's ridiculous, it's like someone's fashioned the coat out of a large duvet or fluffy blanket! I shot this very early Friday morning in the park, it was a super cold and frosty however, this coat kept me very toasty indeed.

Worn open or buttoned up this faux fur looks so bloody cool! The large collar of the coat wraps itself around your neck and looks equally cool pointed up or folded down, it has such a nice shape to it. The coat has three large buttons which fasten at the front keeping all that valuable warmth safely locked inside.

I wore this coat with a simple white V-neck T-shirt, which is all I needed as the coat is so thick and warm to wear. The coats fabric is a synthetic fur, which has an awesome shine to it, you particularly notice this as the colour of the fur is jet black. The smooth glossy fur runs in the same direction making stroking the coat pretty hard to resist when you have it on.

I styled this coat up with some of my trademark rings and my pair of sunglasses to achieve that total 70's frontman look. I think this coat is absolutely epic! As soon as you throw this weighty faux fur over your shoulders, you feel very cool indeed. I've filmed a small look video for this coat which you can check out now by heading to my YouTube channel. This will hopefully give you a little inspiration on how to rock a faux fur yourself this winter.

I've always wanted a faux fur, its the ultimate winter rock 'n' roll piece but I have never been lucky enough to find one that I like, that's until I found this killer coat!

It's an integral item to any frontman's wardrobe, but nobody wears it better than this man. Mr Serge Pizzorno. This photograph of Serge has always stuck in the back of my mind, as he looks so bloody good in it. The sheer size of his jet black coat and the bulkiness of it just looks so unusual and cool! You can't tell where he stops and the coat begins. It's just one huge hairy thing resting on his shoulders, it looks amazing!

Following in Serge's footsteps, I decided to buy this coat and I don't regret my decision. This coat is from Zara and costs £159. I bought this coat in a medium as I thought the small may have been a little too short on the arms. Going for the size medium turned out to be a good call as the coat fitted me like a dream!

I've just checked Zara for sizes and they all seem to have sold out. Nightmare, I know! I have my fingers crossed that Zara will be on it and replenish the stock quickly, so you can also get your hands on this sweet faux fur coat. I'll leave the link below so you can keep an eye out for sizes.

To shop the faux fur coat click here.

I have, however, spotted an equally cool coat across on Asos. This coat is a touch cheaper than the Zara coat I went for, but still, in my opinion, looks just as cool. The only negative I can see is the length. It just looks a little too long for me. Still, I've added it to this post as it's well worth checking out!

Click here to view the Asos faux fur coat.

If you want to see the coat in more detail head across to my YouTube channel, where you can catch me having a chat about this killer faux fur plus the snakeskin print shirt I featured on my blog on Wednesday. Click below to watch and if you could subscribe to my channel, that would be awesome too!


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