'Twas the night before Christmas, when the boys gave a shout,
To meet in the local, for a cheeky night out.
The parents had chosen the pub table with care,
as the past few hours, they’d been sat there.

My family and I, had spent afternoon out, 
but now darkness had fallen, the boys began to turnout.
A tradition to meet, every year in the local,
to sink a few pints, have a laugh and be vocal.

Turning up to the pub, all dressed in our best
getting the round in, was our first quest.
Away to the bar, I flew like a flash,
ordered the pints and paid the cash.

The heads of our pints, were as thick as the snow
My mate said 'what’s this?' I said, 'just give it a blow'.
With every mate that appeared, we let out a cheer
the only thing missing was a Super Bock beer.

With our table now growing, as people pulled up,
when they sat down, we give them thumbs-up.
The rounds were now coming, thick and fast
all my best pals together, we were having a blast!

Now Stella, now Carling, now Peroni and Becks
On Amstel, on Coors on Strongbow, the drink orders complex!
Carrying the tray back to the table with care
it would be a shame not to steal, this piece of glassware.

The conversation and laughter, now flowing and steady
The time flies by, how is it 9 already?
Several pints now, calls for a trip to the loo,
Ohhh bloody hell, will you look at that queue!

The local now buzzing, with people of past,
faces you’ve not seen in years, but caught up with at last.
The same faces you see, year in and year out,
a good catch up, before all those sprouts.

Walking back through the pub, I pass the bar,
Watching my mates getting merrier from afar.
Getting back to the table and feeling a sway
I know by now, I have to be on my way.

Saying goodbye to all I class as my friend, 
I’m pretty much sure, I’ll catch you all next weekend.
I fall from the pub, all merry and pissed,
I’ve now accomplished everything, on my pre-Christmas checklist.

So there you go, that's my night in the pub
I then stagger home, for all that Christmas Eve grub.
This is my poem, I hope its alright,

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night.


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